16 Rude Behaviors That Society Has Learned to Tolerate

The question “What is one thing that you find super rude but is very normalized in society?” opened by a social media user sparked an interesting discussion.

Not Notifying Job Applicants

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Not receiving a reply after the job application can be unsettling. Redditor MunchieMinion3 said that rejection can save applicants from false hope and frustration.

“I wish they would let me know if they didn’t want me so I could move on and not have hope. The ghosting puts everyone in limbo and sends even more applications elsewhere,” said the Redditor.

Demanding Smiles

childs teeth

“There’s nothing wrong with me; this is my face.”

The phrase “You should smile more” has left many people feeling uncomfortable. Redditor sbashe5 said they should not be expected to change their face to please others.

Being Late

late for work

“Sure, the occasional accident can happen, but if you’re habitually late, that’s disrespectful.”

Being late sometimes is acceptable, but having lateness as a habit is disrespectful. User Ok-Supermarket-1414 said that not being late shows respect for people’s time.

Not Respecting Personal Space

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“…Stop looking at other people’s phones while they’re using them.”

Not respecting personal space and looking into others’ phones disrespect boundaries. User PickPsychological144 states that respecting personal space is a way of showing manners.

Gender Presentation Assumptions

transgender person

“There are so many reasons this is wrong. Also, you could just be wrong about how you see someone as presenting! The norm should be to use they/them pronouns until you know. Also, NORMALIZE ASKING FOR PRONOUNS! I identify as genderfluid, so I use she/they/he, and my friends ask my pronouns regularly.”

Creating assumptions based on someone’s appearance can be alienating. User randomlesbian211102 said that asking for pronouns during casual conversations should be necessary.

Commenting about A Person’s Body

eating icecream

Commenting about someone’s weight and eating habits is disrespectful. User ooksoverppl stated that we should avoid offensive comments like these.

Grocery Store Manners

mom shopping groceries

Having sample products at the grocery store might seem normal, but it is unhygienic. As user Swedish-Butt-Whistle said, people should respect the environment and the established rules.

“Super rude. People who steal produce like that would not be so eager to if they only knew the pesticides, dirt, bacteria, and mites that live on the outside of unwashed fruit,” commented the user.

Asking about people’s career


Asking about a person’s line of work and income can be awkward and unsettling. Redditor u/Circles208 emphasized that there’s more to a person than their paycheck.

“And you always have to explain your answer,” added the Redditor.

Littering Cigarette Butts

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Littering is disrespectful to both the environment and the community. Redditor bdrhoa commented that people should be responsible for their personal waste.

Unauthorized Touching

touching inappropriately

“Everyone feels like they can pat you on the back or ask to touch your hair, especially as a black woman. Why are people so okay with it?”

Engaging in physical contact, such as touching, without permission is inappropriate. User Illustrious-Worry890 stated that respecting personal boundaries is essential regardless of any circumstances.

Pregnancy Etiquette

pregnant lady 1

“Not sure why people think this is okay.”

Touching the stomach of a pregnant woman without permission is disrespectful. As user fu11h4m points out, such actions should never be normalized.

Ignoring Greetings

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Online Communication. Millennial Man And Woman Having Web Conference On Laptop, Greeting Each Other, Waving Hands At Webcamera, Smiling Male And Female Making Video Call, Creative Collage, Screenshot

Responding to a worker’s greeting is an act of courtesy and respect. User BooksMcGee said that we should appreciate people who provide public services.

Reclining Airplane Seats

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Redditor Lkmifan1 highlights the need for proper behavior while traveling. Reclining airplane seats without considering others can be unsettling and can cause conflict.

Using the Phone While Talking

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“Unless you are expecting something really important, I feel like you really don’t want to be talking to me.”

Using one’s phone mid-conversation sends a message of disinterest and disrespect. Redditor otme1414 stated that it is best to give our full attention while talking.

Rudeness to Customer Service

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“…Workers have to absorb all the hate and rudeness from customers. They need to remain calm, or else they’ll get in trouble,” said Redditor HungryBones.

He expressed that it is unjust for the workers to be treated like this.

Emotional Respect

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“It’s no one’s business, and they don’t know what’s going on in other people’s heads, but nobody ever tells them not to do that!”

Giving someone instructions about how they should feel is an inconsiderate act. User u/Retrosonic82 commented that emotional boundaries should be established.

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Anything Else to Add To The List?

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In this evolving world, changes are inevitable. It is important to be mindful that we are communicating with respect and kindness. This list is a reminder that politeness should not be sacrificed for the sake of societal norms.

This article was produced by TPR Teaching. Source: Reddit.

Caitriona Maria is an education writer and founder of TPR Teaching, crafting inspiring pieces that promote the importance of developing new skills. For 7 years, she has been committed to providing students with the best learning opportunities possible, both domestically and abroad. Dedicated to unlocking students' potential, Caitriona has taught English in several countries and continues to explore new cultures through her travels.

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