Rythym or Rhythm: Which is Correct?

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Which is correct, “rythym” or “rhythm”?

Is there one ‘y’ or two?

This is one of those difficult-to-spell words that is perfect for a game of hangman! Let’s see what it is!

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Is It Spelled as Rythym?

No, the correct spelling is actually “rhythm.” The word “rythym” is a common misspelling of the word.


“Rythym” is not a real word.

If you see this spelling, it is a mistake. The way to remember the spelling is to use the acrostic. 

An acrostic is when you use the first letter of each word to make a new word to help you remember the tricky spelling. Here is one from the BBC: rhythm helps your two hips move.

Rhythm Meaning

The word “rhythm” is how the sound moves in a pattern and repeats itself.

In music, it is the beat that you hear that makes you tap your foot or clap your hands.

In poetry, it is the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.

When to Use Rhythm

The word “rhythm” is most often used in the context of music. It is the beat that you feel when you listen to a song. You can tap your foot or clap your hands to the rhythm of a song.

It is also used often in relation to poetry. The rhythm is an important part of any poem, as it allows the words to flow in a particular way.

Rhythm Example Sentences

Here are some example sentences using the word “rhythm”:

  • The rhythm of the music was fast and exciting.
  • I could hear the rhythm of the drums on set.
  • The poet uses a lot of enjambment to create a sense of rhythm in the poem.
  • The baby’s heartbeat has a strong rhythm.
  • The poet creates a beautiful rhythm with her words.
  • The seasons have a natural rhythm that we can observe.

Rhythm Synonyms

The word “rhythm” has a few synonyms. Other than “flow” and “pattern,” here are some other words that have similar meanings.

Pulse: The pulse is the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Beat: The beat is the rhythm of the music.

Cadence: Cadence is the rhythm of speech.

Tempo: Tempo is the speed of the rhythm

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In Conclusion

The word “rhythm” is challenging to spell, but it is a useful word to know.

“Rhythm,” meaning the regular pattern or beat, is a term used in music and poetry especially.

The best way to remember the spelling is with the acrostic: Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move. If you can remember this, you will never spell the word wrong!

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