Scenic Spots or Scenery Spots? Which is Correct?

“Scenery” and “scenic” are related to views.

“Scenery” is typically something you might see from a window, like a view outside. “Scenic” implies that the scenery is attractive or beautiful.

“Scenery spots” or “scenic spots”? The correct term is “scenic spots.” Let’s explain why.

Scenery Meaning

“Scenery” is a noun that refers to the large area that you can see around you. It often includes natural features such as mountains, water or forests. We say the word especially when it is beautiful– “Just look at the scenery! Wow!”

You can also use the word “scenery” for any view that includes artificial elements like buildings and roads, like the scenery you would see in an urban area.

Examples of sentences with “scenery”:

  • “Look at the gorgeous scenery from your window!”
  • We enjoyed the magnificent scenery during our coastal drive.
  • The surrounding neighborhoods have depressing scenery.

Other words for scenery: 

landscape, setting, terrain, country, background.

Scenic Meaning

“Scenic” is an adjective used to describe beautiful scenery.

When we look at a place and admire its beauty, we say it is scenic.

The word “scenic” has come to mean a view that is very pretty or attractive, especially because of the natural landscape.

Examples of sentences with “scenic”:

  • We went to a scenic and historical place.
  • The people enjoyed a scenic view from the hotel.
  • The views from the tower are very scenic.
  • I drove the scenic route along the coast.

Other words for scenic:

Picturesque, beautiful, awesome, breathtaking, pretty, lovely.

Can We Say “Scenery Spot?”

Can we use the word scenery to mean a specific place that is pretty? Can I call this spot a “scenery spot?” No.

We can only use the word “scenic” when it comes to describing places or locations.

We cannot add scenery in front of a noun. For example, you would never say, “Look at the scenery spot” or “Let’s go to the scenery view.”

What about… “A scenic spot…”?

Yes, we can describe somewhere as a “scenic spot” to mean that it is a beautiful place or has a lovely view.

Here are some examples:

  • There are many scenic spots in the bay area.
  • “The top of the mountain is such a scenic spot.”
  • “London has many scenic spots that attract tourists each year.”

Scenic Spot Synonyms

  • Scenic route
  • Scenic viewpoint
  • Scenic view
  • Scenic area
  • Picturesque spot
  • Beautiful spot
  • Breathtaking view
  • Amazing view
  • Superb view
  • Fantastic view
  • Awesome view
  • Striking view
  • Spectacular view
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In Conclusion

We should say “scenic spots,” not “scenery spots.”

The scenery can be picturesque, beautiful, awesome, or breathtaking. It could also be depressing, boring, or bland, but the word scenery is usually used to express positive emotions.

We should only use the word “scenic” when describing the scenery at a place or location as beautiful.

Have you ever had a scenic drive or know of any scenic places? Let me know in the comments!

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