She Didn’t Want Her Son Sleeping At His Girlfriend’s Because “Something Felt Very Off”— And She Was Right

To a child, parents’ rules and restrictions may seem arbitrary and controlling. While the occasional rule might be strict, hindsight usually reveals that—more often than not—a parent’s intuition was right.


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In a thread on social media, users got together to share reasons why their parents did not allow certain friends to sleep over. One user, Laura, shared how her mother’s intuition saved her brother from falling victim to a potentially life-wrecking scheme.

Meeting The Girlfriend


Laura, the original poster of this story, and her brother attended the same high school around the same time.

When her brother started dating another student, “Miranda,” the girlfriend became attached to Laura “as super sweet buddy-buddy BFFs.”

This was her brother’s first real girlfriend, and their mother immediately disliked the girl. She didn’t trust Miranda, and that mistrust grew longer as they stayed together.

He Was Going to Stay The Night

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During the course of the weeks-long relationship, Laura’s brother occasionally visited Miranda’s family home.

One evening he left to have dinner with Miranda’s family. Everything seemed normal at first. However, sometime after he’d left, their mother received a call. He informed their mother that he was going to stay the night—something she never allowed.

Despite their mother’s protest, Miranda’s parents were “backing him up… on the phone.”

The Mother Was Panicked

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Alarm bells went off in their mother’s mind immediately. Since Laura knew the exact apartment, their mother “stuffed [her] in the car and peeled out of the driveway.”

It wasn’t just the defiance that unsettled their mother. “He’d done that before; something felt really off about this to her,” Laura shared.

She Showed Her Mother The Way To The Girlfriend’s Home

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When they arrived at the girlfriend’s apartment complex, Laura pointed out the specific unit. Laura considered her work done—she had zero desire to be a part of the drama about to unfold.

However, her brother was far more likely to step outside if Laura was the one knocking, so she sucked it up and got out of the car. 

A Screaming Match Began

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Her brother came out. He and their mother start talking about everything. A few words in, Miranda joined the trio in the hall and started screaming.

Laura decided at that point she no longer needed nor wanted to be a part of this, so she locked herself in the car and rolled up the windows. Miranda’s parents were standing on the balcony and yelling at her mother and brother.

“We qualified for Jerry Springer at that point,” she thought. “It was all beyond ridiculous.”

The Arguments Continued All The Way Home

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Eventually, their mother succeeded in getting the boy back in the car. Laura moved to the backseat. She recalls arguing to remain in the front seat as the drama-free child, a memory she laughs at now.

In the end, her brother took the front seat and received “a reaming from six ways to Sunday” during the drive home. While Laura doesn’t remember specifics, snatches of that conversation stayed with her.

Something Wasn’t Right

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Her mother said that things didn’t add up. “There’s something wrong here, and this just isn’t right,” her mother had said, “Parents don’t co-sign their teenage daughter doing that and back the guy up in defiance to his parent when his parent said no.” There was something wrong with “these people,” her mother emphasized.


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It turns out there was something wrong with these people, Laura added immediately after.

About seven-and-a-half to eight months later, Miranda gave birth. She had been pregnant, had known she was pregnant, and wanted Laura’s brother to think he was the father.

It Was a Close Call

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The issue was that Laura’s brother and Miranda hadn’t had sex. The night of the proposed sleepover was “going to be ‘their night.’” The craziest part? Miranda’s parents were aware of the ruse and aiding and abetting her in it.

Remember The Time When…

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For years after, whenever Laura’s brother wanted to do something stupid, all their mother had to do was look at him and mention Miranda’s name. “He would instantly stop pursuing whatever stupid thing he was trying to talk his way into getting to do,” Laura wrote.

It Didn’t Stop Miranda

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Laura spoke with her brother recently and learned another nugget of information from that time. Apparently, Miranda spent the rest of the school year telling everyone that Laura loved girls and that she and Laura had an affair together.

The gossip never got back to Laura, but according to her brother, everyone had been talking about it. Laura said while it explains some of the weird comments she received in high school, it doesn’t matter to her today.

Social Media Reacted To The Story

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Users had fun speculating about Miranda’s motives in the comments. Most assumed money was involved, as it seemed Laura’s family was in a much better place financially compared to Miranda’s. Her brother would have been responsible legally and financially for the child, even if they succeeded in eventually getting the birth certificate corrected.

The Drama Ended With a DNA Test

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Laura and her brother attended high school prior to the DNA test. It would be several years before these tests reached the public, and correcting birth was a complicated legal and bureaucratic process.

“Even when DNA tests hit the media, they were really expensive and took quite a long time,” Laura shared in an additional comment, “DNA tests to confirm paternity were very far from being a routine matter.”

In The End, Mothers Are Always Right…

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A mother’s intuition is a powerful tool. Laura’s brother was both naïve and kind-hearted. He would have stepped up and done everything to support his girlfriend and his supposed child.

Were it not for their mother’s insistence, their family would have found themselves stuck in a very toxic situation.

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