Vaccine Disagreement Fuels Custody Battle as Child’s Health at Stake

Upon uncovering his ex-wife’s forgery of their immunocompromised daughter’s vaccination records, a concerned individual sought guidance on an online forum about taking legal measures.

The Father Wrote His Concerns on Social Media

midlife crisis

“My daughter is in the hospital because my ex decided to let her beliefs come before our child’s health,” the father wrote, “How do I approach this to make sure my ex suffers?”

Their Relationship Came to an End

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According to his original post, this social media user’s young daughter was born premature and, as a result, has a compromised immune system.

Because the user separated from his ex-girlfriend prior to the birth, they shared 50/50 joint custody over the child. A contributing factor to the relationship’s end was his ex-partner’s “anti-science” beliefs.

Vaccines Were Mandatory To Attend The School

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When the daughter was old enough to attend school, the user offered to pay full tuition for a private institution with a special program for immunocompromised children.

This school required all students to be fully vaccinated, following medical guidance. The Center for Disease Control establishes that patients with weak immune systems should receive vaccinations when possible, except for specific conditions that indicate otherwise.

The Doctor Recommended Common Childhood Vaccines

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Because their daughter’s health had substantially improved, doctors recommended that she receive vaccinations for certain common viruses among schoolchildren, including chicken pox and the flu.

The Mother Vehemently Opposed

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“My ex fought me up and down on this, and we ended up in court,” the father recounted. “The judge agreed with me and ordered my daughter to be vaccinated.”

Per the Redditor’s retelling, their ex-girlfriend “had a full breakdown but … agreed only on the condition that she gets to take her daughter to ‘lessen the emotional damage and make sure the doctor doesn’t poison her.’”

The ex-partner also agreed to supply medical forms as proof of vaccination.

She Got Very Sick

girl feeling misery

In a provoking turn of events, the user revealed that, shortly after starting school, their daughter was hospitalized with a dangerous case of varicella (also known as chicken pox).

“I have been stressed out from the minute I got the call and confused as [to] how she got it,” he shared since their daughter was allegedly vaccinated for the disease.

His Daughter Told Him a Secret

girl suffering silently

Sensing her parent’s concern, the young girl confessed to the “secret” her mother had made her promise to keep.

“Turns out my ex didn’t vaccinate her,” the Redditor wrote. “She made my daughter lie about it. Instead, she has been using ‘special oils and salts to keep [their child] from getting sick.’”

Incensed, the user then contacted their doctor, who confirmed that his signature on the vaccination forms had been forged.

The Father Had Enough of the Lies


“I’m p**sed, to say the least. … My ex doesn’t know [that] I know yet, and I told my daughter not to tell her. I want [the ex] gone now,” the father concluded. “I’m planning on speaking to a lawyer, but I would like to know what to do.”

He Didn’t Want The Child To Feel More Stressed

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To the satisfaction of dozens of social media users in the comment section, the outraged parent provided a highly-requested update soon after.

“My daughter is safe with me and was let out of the hospital about a week ago. She is getting better every day,” he disclosed. “After I made that post, I took the advice given to me and … I told [my daughter] that it was wrong of me to ask her to keep secrets and that it’s ok to tell her mom.”

He Filed For Emergency Custody

man checking reports

In terms of legal action, the father immediately filed for emergency custody of their child and reached out to a trusted lawyer: “He told me that this is ‘a case lawyers salivate over’ and that my ex is in a lot of trouble.”

The attorney began by requesting the original court order that mandated their daughter receive vaccinations. Although the doctor abstained from initiating his own legal proceedings, he requested that the original user file a police report with the forged vaccination forms as evidence.

The Mom Made a Scene

woman shocked

According to the original poster, his ex-partner soon got wind of the proceedings and confronted them at the hospital.

She started a commotion in front of their child, shouting threats and accusing the user of wanting to “poison [their] daughter.”

They Gathered Their Evidence

woman angry fists

The mother was then banned from the hospital by staff and escorted out of the building. Afterward, the father received an onslaught of furious texts calling him a ‘monster.’

These were forwarded to his lawyer, who replied: “She’s what lawyers dream of when they hear who’s on the other side of the court.”

The Father Was Granted Custody

man thoughtful

Social media users were pleased to learn that the father was granted emergency custody until the next hearing.

This second post concluded cheerfully: “I have heard that the [district attorney] is slowly getting ready to move forward with a multitude of charges against my ex, and that will land her in jail soon-ish.”

His Ex Is Not Allowed Contact

woman disgusted

Unfortunately, interested commenters were left in the dark for almost three years until the father posted a final update.

“To give the short answer first, I have full custody of my daughter, and my ex is barred from having any contact with her,” the original user wrote before detailing the “grueling” five-month-long custody battle that followed his previous post.

The Mother Went to Jail

woman feeling stressed out

Once the father was granted emergency custody, his ex-partner intensified the levels of harassment. As a consequence of trying to remove their daughter from his home, she was arrested for attempted forced entry. In combination with the DA’s medical forgery charges, this incident was enough to result in a month of jail time for the mother.

He Received Full Custody


Due to this condemning series of events, the father and child received a protection order against his ex-girlfriend, which ultimately worked in his favor: “When we finally got in front of a judge, I was given full custody of my daughter.”

The Mother Didn’t Stand a Chance

standing at court of law

The child’s mother and her lawyer further alienated the judge by “trying to claim that I had planned this all from the start. Forcing her into a corner to vaccinate our daughter so I could use her response to initiate the custody battle.”

As a result, the woman “lost all custodial rights” and was legally barred from contacting her daughter in any way. 

Things Got Worse For The Ex

woman unhappy with situation

After reaching a plea deal, the child’s mother was charged with a felony and sentenced to two years in prison for forgery. Since her early release due to COVID-19, the ex-girlfriend “went off the conspiracy deep end.”

Per his account, she is now a QAnon supporter and dates someone involved with the January 6th attack on the Capitol. “[The ex] has disappeared from my daughter’s life entirely.”

He Remains Grateful and Hopeful in His Outlook

young girl smiling

“The last few years dealing with a global pandemic and an immunocompromised daughter have aged me three decades,” he reflected in conclusion.

The father added that his child is now vaccinated and looking forward to returning to in-person schooling.

“I am grateful every day to have my daughter with me, safe and in a place where she can slowly grow and get healthier.”

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