Skimatalk Tutor Review

Skimatalk is an online teaching marketplace based in Japan that focuses exclusively on English teaching. Teachers can have regular-paying students and set their own rates.

Teacher Requirements

  • Native English speaker
  • No teaching experience required
  • No teaching certificate required
  • A stable internet connection
  • Headset with microphone

Students can rate teachers after each session. Teachers must maintain a 4.5/5 average to remain on the Skimatalk platform.

Although teaching experience is preferred, it is not required on Skimatalk.

While there are no minimum hours required, the most successful teachers open more available hours.


  • Minimum rate to set: 16 USD per hour
  • Maximum rate to set: 60 USD per hour
  • Simatalk takes 20% commission
  • Teachers are paid once per month

The teacher has to teach three free sessions on registering to the platform. The minimum threshold that teachers charge is 16USD per hour, and teachers are free to set their own rates.


  • 25-minute lessons
  • One-on-one teen/adult classes
  • 5 minute break between lessons
  • 24/7 flexibility
  • No minimum hours required

Students can choose between Skimatalk’s pre-planned courses or have their own conversation classes with teachers.

Students are mainly Japanese Business professionals, so teachers can expect to helps students with small talk, interviews, and business English courses.

Teacher Application

  • Sign up here with your name and e-mail
  • Create your teacher profile
  • Take a few simple tests and click apply
  • Wait until Skimatalk approves your account

Skimatalk want teachers to create their own introductory video.

Teachers also must take a test to ensure they meet the platform’s standards.

After teachers are signed up and approved to teach on Skimatalk, teachers can set their schedules.

Lessons are conducted on Skype. Teachers are required to evaluate their student’s language skills after each lesson. They have 48-hours to provide students with feedback.


Teachers can schedule three types of lessons.

  1.  If teachers schedule lessons that are 30 minutes to 3 hours from now, those sessions remain open for booking until 30-minutes before the lesson time begins.
  2. If teachers schedule lessons between 3 hours and 12 hours from now, those sessions remain open for booking until 3-hours before the session time.
  3. If teachers schedule sessions between 12 hours and 8 days from now, those sessions remain open for booking until 12 hours before the session time.

Teachers are informed via e-mail when they receive a class booking. Experienced teachers on the platform are given additional flexibility and can choose the expiry time.

Cancellation Policy

Teachers must maintain a clean profile, with less than a 10% cancellation rate and less than a 5% no-show rate.

Teachers receive financial penalties for missing or cancelling classes. 3 USD (for cancellation) or 9 USD (no-show) is deducted from their paycheck.

If teachers are late for class (five minutes or more), it is considered a ‘no show.’

Review: Pros and Cons

There aren’t many up-to-date reviews for Skimatalk on the internet, but from what I can tell, here are the pros:

Pros of Skimatalk

  • Flexible schedule
  • Friendly students
  • You can block students if you need to

The teachers are free to set a flexible schedule without waiting by their computer if they book it ahead of time.

Teachers can open a 24/7 schedule, ideal for teachers who want many hours or live in a foreign country. They have some freedom to decide what they teach and can therefore provide quality lessons to their students.

Teachers also have the power to block students, if students are causing them trouble.

Cons of Skimatalk

  • No formal training
  • Commission fees at 20%
  • Students can cancel classes

It seems as though the platform doesn’t provide any formal training, and teachers may not necessarily get booked.

Teachers also have to complete three free classes when they first get started on the platform. This could be a strategy for managing poor quality teachers/complaints, or maybe it’s a way for helping teachers get noticed. However, teachers still may consider it as a con.

Students can cancel their bookings, but I can see students receive financial penalties for canceling with less than 24 hours’ notice. This could serve as a deterrent from canceling classes.

In Conclusion

Skimatalk is another way for teachers to make money online. For more information about Skimatalk, click the link below to get started teaching.

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