9 of The Smartest Cat Breeds in The World

Cats may be difficult to train and unpredictably independent, but they are some of the most loved animals globally.

One Of The Smartest Animals

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They are also among some of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom, so think about that the next time you see your lovable kitten struggling with a ball of wool.

Here are some of the smartest cat breeds in the world.

1. The Abyssinian

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Considered the most intelligent cat breed by a myriad of professionals, the Abyssinian is a short-haired, sleek, and agile cat that is smaller than others of its species.

It bears a resemblance to the worshiped cats of ancient Egypt, with its slender legs and tawny color.

1. The Abyssinian

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According to Petplan, the Abyssinian is “never happier than when in human company,” also making a surprising companion to dogs.

Abyssinians have been trained to run in agility courses and can even handle a leash.

2. Balinese

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With a strikingly different appearance to the Abyssinian, the Balinese is a longhaired version of a Siamese cat.

Active and chatty, the Balinese easily learn tricks and love to climb. They require a lot of stimulation but are typically affectionate. Cats.com considers Balinese cats to have a 90 percent intelligence rating.

3. Bengal

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Resembling the stunning coat of a leopard, the Bengal originated from a jungle cat and domestic cat pairing.

Highly intelligent, incredibly active, and with a wild personality, they are exciting cats with a thirst for adventure.

3. Bengal

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Some have been known to switch lights on and off, open doors, and even flush toilets. Their intelligence lends itself well to learning tricks, and the Bengal is often excited to attain skills.

4. Burmese

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Often coated in pretty brown fur, the Burmese is a regular-sized cat with pointed ears and a soft appearance.

They are descendants of the Siamese cats and are playful and very sociable, making them an ideal choice for families.

4. Burmese

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Cats.com considers the Burmese to be of 100 percent intelligence, an equal percentage for their affection, sociability, and vocality. So, if you’re after a quiet cat, the Burmese may not be for you.

5. Cornish Rex

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Known to be canine-like in their play, the Cornish Rex is of scrawny appearance. Also known as the greyhound of cats, the Cornish Rex has an extroverted personality.

5. Cornish Rex

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It can be high maintenance in the grooming arena and doesn’t like to be alone, but otherwise, this particular breed thrives in all other areas, including intelligence.

The short, curly coat is the product of a genetic mutation, which is one of the things that makes this breed so unique.

6.  Havana Brown

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Though the name may sound like a beach club, the Havana Brown is anything but tropical.

Originating in the United Kingdom, they are brown with bright green eyes. Friendly and intelligent, the Havana Brown is recommended as a family pet due to its overarching affection.

7. Korat

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Named for a province in Thailand, the Korat is a rarer breed, considered to hold good luck. They are a soft blue-gray with slender legs and pointed ears.

Originally, Korat cats were only offered as gifts to important community members and never sold.

7. Korat

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Upon arriving in Britain, they were dubbed a ‘Blue Siamese.’ Still difficult to find, they may not be the most accessible cat, but they are indeed clever.

8. Savannah

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Produced from a domestic cat and a wild African serval, the Savannah is exotic and easily bored.

They require high levels of stimulation and enjoy water. They also resemble wild cats with spotted fur and sharp eyes.

8. Savannah

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They can be a handful and are not recommended to inexperienced owners. Their intelligence is part of what makes them so curious, so if you really want a clever cat, be prepared to handle a bit of chaos.

9. Siamese

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The original blueprint for many of the other cats, the Siamese is debatably the world’s most recognizable cat breed. Talkative and friendly, Siamese cats are considered very intelligent.

9. Siamese

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They need a lot of attention and prefer to be properly socialized from a young age. Cats.com considers the Siamese breed to be 100 percent intelligent and sociable, but only 20 percent when it comes to being kid-friendly.

Which Are the Most Popular Cats?

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While these may be the perceived most intelligent cat breeds, they are far from the most popular with families. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) deemed the Ragdoll to be the most popular in 2022 for the third year running.

While the Ragdoll is soft and objectively adorable, intelligence is not the highest feature, proving that families around the world care more about the animal itself than the brain inside of it.  

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