50 Countries That Have The Highest IQ

The IQ ranking presented is derived from “The Intelligence of Nations” study conducted by Richard Lynn and David Becker. It provides an analysis of intelligence test scores from 113 countries.

Data Collection

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“The Intelligence of Nations” study collected data from various sources, including government reports, published research, and publicly available datasets. It provides valuable insights into the levels of intelligence across nations.

Summary of Results

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East and Northeast Asia countries have the highest IQ scores, followed by North East and Central Europe. The rest of Europe shows a gradient from northwest to southeast, followed by other Western countries and parts of Southeast Asia.

Summary of Results

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South American countries occupy the next rank, followed by the Middle East and Central Asia, and finally, Africa, with a gradient from its coasts to its center.

Countries With The Highest IQ

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Without further ado, here are the top countries with the highest IQ as ranked by the study.

50. Barbados

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Barbados IQ score – 91.6

49. Israel 

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Israel IQ score – 92.43

48. Portugal

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Portugal IQ score – 92.77

47. Cyprus

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Cyprus IQ score – 93.39

46. Bermuda

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Bermuda IQ score – 93.48

45. Spain

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Spain IQ score – 93.9

44. New Caledonia

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New Caledonia IQ score – 93.92

43. Vanuatu

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Vanuatu IQ score – 93.92

42. Italy

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Italy IQ score – 94.23

41. Latvia

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Latvia IQ score – 94.79

40. Czech Republic

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Czech Republic – 94.92

39. Ireland

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Ireland IQ score – 95.13

38. Andorra

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Andorra IQ score – 95.2

37. Croatia

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Croatia IQ score – 95.75

36. Lithuania

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Lithuania IQ score – 95.89

35. Russia

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Russia IQ score – 96.29

34. Slovakia

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Slovakia IQ score – 96.32

33. Poland

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Poland IQ score – 96.35

32. France

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France IQ score – 96.69

31. Sweden

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Sweden IQ score – 97

30. Norway

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Norway IQ score – 97.13

29. United States

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United States IQ score – 97.43

28. Belgium

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Belgium IQ score – 97.49

27. Denmark

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Denmark IQ score – 97.83

26. Iceland

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Iceland IQ score – 98.26

25. Austria

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Austria IQ score – 98.38

24. New Zealand

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New Zealand IQ score – 98.57

23. Slovenia

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Slovenia IQ score – 98.6

22. North Korea

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North Korea IQ score – 98.82

21. Greenland

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Greenland IQ score – 98.89

20. United Kingdom

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United Kingdom IQ score – 99.12

19. Switzerland

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Switzerland IQ score – 99.24

18. Hungary

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Hungary IQ score – 99.24

17. Australia

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Australia IQ score – 99.24

16. Canada

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Canada IQ score – 99.52

15. Cambodia

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Cambodia IQ score – 99.75

14. Macao

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Macao IQ score – 99.82

13. Luxembourg

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Luxembourg IQ score – 99.87

12. Estonia

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Estonia IQ score – 100.72

11. Netherlands

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Netherlands IQ score – 100.74

10. Germany

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Germany IQ score – 100.74

9. Liechtenstein

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Liechtenstein IQ score – 101.07

8. Finland 

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Finland IQ score – 101.2

7. Belarus

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 Belarus IQ score – 101.6

6. South Korea

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South Korea IQ score – 102.35

5. China

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China IQ score – 104.1

4. Hong Kong

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Hong Kong IQ score – 105.37

3. Singapore

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Singapore IQ score – 105.89

2. Taiwan

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Taiwan IQ score – 106.47

1. Japan

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Japan IQ score – 106.48

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Bottom Line

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Knowing about the countries with the highest IQ scores offers intriguing insights, yet it’s vital to consider the broader context. Intelligence is shaped by a multitude of factors, including education and socio-economic conditions.

This means that each individual contributes to the global quest for knowledge. Intelligence is a shared treasure, and our collective pursuit of wisdom unites us in the fascinating journey of understanding our world.

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