These States Have the Highest SAT Scores in America – Is Your State on the List?

It is arguably one of the most important things to a student’s education journey. The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is the placement exam that can potentially affect college admission.

The Data On SAT Scores

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The minimum score for an SAT is 400, while the highest possible is 1600. The American average SAT score is 1050.

Using the national and individual state SAT results from 2022, Learner constructed a list of the states with the highest average SAT score, comparing it to the national average. Learner also offered the states with the lowest average score. 

1. Wisconsin

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Coming in on top of the list with a total average score of 1252, Wisconsin is 202 points over the state average. Higher still is the University of Wisconsin Madison, which has an average SAT score of 1390.

2. Wyoming

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Only marginally behind Wisconsin, Wyoming celebrates an average SAT score of 1244. In 2019, the state was commended when the annual report ‘Quality Counts’ by Education Week confirmed that Wyoming had ranked sixth in the country.

With such high SAT scores, the focus on education seems to have paid off.

3. Kansas

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The city, once famous for its prominence in the film Wizard of Oz, is now a vibrant metropolitan with over 1300 schools.

In the 2018-2019 school year, the state had a graduation rate of 87 percent. Reflective are the SAT scores, averaging 1238, which is a full 188 above the national average.

4. Utah

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According to The University of Utah, demographic projections indicate that Utah’s school-age population is estimated to grow by about 100,000 students over the next forty years. The state is flourishing, increasing in popularity with rapid speed.

And for those who choose to take their SATs? They’re likely to come out with a positive result. Utah’s average SAT result is 1233, just 19 points behind Wisconsin in first place.

5. Mississippi

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With a population of 2.95 million people, it is no surprise that the education system in Mississippi is firm.

Average SAT scores reveal that students are recording around 1226, still a far leap from America’s national average of 1050.

6. Minnesota

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Bordering the number one state, Wisconsin, it may not be a coincidence that Minnesota is also comfortably on the list of respectable SAT scores.

With an average of 1225, it lends credit to the schooling system and the individual students who applied themselves for such results.

7. Nebraska

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A grand 172 points over the national average, if you were a student taking your SATs in Nebraska, you could hope for something near the average score of 1222. The state has over 1000 schools, spanned throughout 244 districts.

8. Kentucky

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A beautiful state, Kentucky offers landscapes of the Ohio River as well as the Appalachian Mountains. It is also a state made famous by the well-known Kentucky Derby, which has been running in the month of May since 1875.

Fortunately, the state has more to boast about than just the tourism opportunities. Per the Learner report, Kentucky ranked an average of 1219 points in the SATs for 2022, giving it a significant lead against the 42 states below it.

9. South Dakota

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Tying with Kentucky, South Dakota is recorded to have an equal 1219-point average in its SAT scores. This sets them 169 points above the national average, a position that any state would be proud to hold.

Lower SAT Scores Than Average

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While some scores are incredibly impressive, some states fell short of the national average.

West Virginia only reached an average of 938, a full 112 points below average. Oklahoma and Delaware followed, averaging 951 and 968 respectively. Others that ranked well below what they may have hoped were Rhode Island at 971, New Mexico at 976, and Illinois at 981.

Lower SAT Scores Than Average

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And while these states didn’t categorically make big waves with their scoring, it doesn’t necessarily mean a student is without hope.

When it comes to post-secondary education, SAT scores are not the only contributing factor to college acceptance.

A Hight SAT Score Will Not Guarantee Admission

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Gerald Bradshaw, International College Admissions Consultant with Bradshaw College Consulting, said in September 2023:

“Admissions officers take grades, extracurriculars, athletics, essays, and work experience into account to gain more meaningful insight into a prospective student’s capabilities. For this reason, earning a perfect SAT score will not guarantee admission.”

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