How Simple Kindness Can Change People’s Lives: 3 Acts That Made a Lasting Impact on These Social Media Users

It’s amazing what a single act of kindness can do. These true stories will warm your heart and demonstrate the power of selfless and generous acts.

Acts of Kindness

Whether it’s that one smile from a stranger on the street or a helping hand in times of trouble, even small gestures can leave an imprint on many lives.

Here are some examples of how people have impacted lives for the better with a simple gesture.

1. The Compassionate Hug

teens hugging

At a middle school in the city, there was a young student who felt like an outcast. The student was regularly bullied by a group of skateboarders, and this made him feel insecure and embarrassed.

One day, the bullies dragged the student outside into the trash can in front of his peers. This was an awful experience, and he couldn’t hold back his tears as he retreated to the computer lab.

He punched a cabinet in frustration, feeling like all hope was lost until he felt the warmest set of arms reach out behind him and give him the most comforting hug he’d ever experienced. It lasted what felt like a few minutes.

People Actually Care

The student turned around to see one of the prettiest and most popular girls in school, who also had tears in her eyes. She showed him pure empathy. In those few moments, she gave him a newfound confidence and acceptance of himself.

The student never spoke to this girl again, but he still thinks about that moment often twenty years later– it changed his life forever.

To this day, OP still tears up when telling the story because of the incredible kindness shown to him by someone who didn’t even know him. Her act of compassion will never be forgotten.

2. The Second Home

welcoming family

At a small school in the city, there was a student who had experienced harsh circumstances at the hands of her narcissistic parents. She only had one uniform that was handed down from her brother, and she could take only one bath per week.

The lack of resources created an environment where this student felt isolated and embarrassed by her peers, describing the bullying as “relentless.”

She Was Invited To Someone’s Home

One day, one of the school girls approached her and invited her to a sleepover. This surprised the student, expecting it to be nothing more than a cruel prank. However, desperate for any reprieve from their home life, she accepted.

The student was greeted with warmth and understanding when she arrived at her home. This girl’s mother showed her kindness beyond what she had ever experienced before– offering her a luxurious shower with all of the amenities, such as fluffy towels, a change of clothes, and plenty of shampoo.

The student emerged to find that the family had prepared an array of comfort food for her, which had been sorely lacking in her own home.

The girl’s family went even further, buying this student an entire wardrobe and picking her up from their home every morning so they could get dressed into her new uniform for school.

They HAD A SPECIAL BOND For Years To Come

Eventually, this act of generosity resulted in a beautiful friendship– with the girl’s parents seeing the student as their fourth child and the girl asking her to be the godmother of her firstborn years later.

The story of this stranger’s generosity and understanding had a lasting impact on the student, teaching her that there are people in the world willing to extend compassion when it is least expected.

It also taught her that there could be family outside of one’s biological relatives, and she was truly humbled by the experience.

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3. Taking in a Friend, Even With a Language Barrier

happy students

A young student, who moved to the United States in first grade with her family and did not know any English, was kindly aided by a girl in her class named Lori.

Whenever the student needed help tying their shoes, as she was not yet able to do so, Lori helped her out.

Accepted Just The Way She Was

Despite the language barrier, Lori tried to communicate with the student, allowing her to watch and learn from her. She also played with her in the playground and stood with her in line if the class was going anywhere, such as the library. She even invited the new student to her birthday party.

The two grew close over time but eventually had to say goodbye when the student’s family moved away after a few years.

The student fondly remembers Lori for her kindness and is forever grateful for all of her help during such an uncertain period of transition in their life.


These stories demonstrate that sometimes the most valuable acts of kindness come from people who might not even know us.

Whether it is a stranger showing compassion or a friend going above and beyond to help, these experiences can stay with us for a lifetime.

The truth is we never know what someone else has been through and should always extend a helping hand whenever we can. Kindness has the power to change people’s lives and the world around us, and it all starts with a single act.

This article, Kindness From Kids: Stories That Prove the Power of Compassion was syndicated and produced by TPR Teaching. It was inspired by a Reddit discussion.

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