Teacher Neglects Sick Student Until He Passes Out, Then Tried to Play The Victim During Confrontation

Parents are the primary champions of their children, serving as the first line of defense when unforeseen circumstances arise.

When a concerned father discovered that his child had suffered a head injury potentially caused by the teacher, he promptly visited the school to seek clarification and demand accountability.

The Dreaded Phone Call

Last Thursday, the dad received a call from his son’s school. The school informed him that he needed to come to pick up his son right away—the boy had passed out in class. This wasn’t the first time his son experienced a fainting spell.

Both parents trained their son on how to handle these situations. “We’ve made sure he knows what to do when he starts to feel faint to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself,” the dad shared. He arrived at the school expecting to find his son woozy but unharmed.

This was not the case.

Upon arriving, the first thing he noticed was the ice pack pressed against his son’s head. When he asked for an explanation, the school nurse informed him that the thirteen-year-old had hit his head upon collapsing.

“I wondered why he hadn’t lay down like we taught him to do,” the dad wrote, “[but] I brushed it off and decided to ask him about it later as he was still kind of out of it.”

His Son Revealed All

The next day the dad received an explanation, and what he heard made his blood boil.

According to his son, he tried to tell his teacher when he first felt like he would pass out. He got up to talk to her and was immediately yelled at and told to sit back down.

The second time he shared his complaint, the teacher took it one step further. She told him he didn’t look sick, so he couldn’t go to the nurse’s office.

He Told The Teacher Repeatedly

As the class progressed, the teacher began an activity involving standing for prolonged periods of time. Before the activity started, the son again voiced his concerns. He told the teacher he was going to faint and asked if he could sit the activity out.

“The teacher responded by yelling at him, claiming he was just being lazy and was making excuses,” his dad later learned.

At this point, a friend grew worried and spoke to the teacher on the son’s behalf. The teacher yelled at both boys and accused them of trying to get out of the lesson.

Surprise, Surprise

“Not even a minute later, my son passed out,” wrote the dad. Other students in the class informed him that the teacher acted very shocked—like she hadn’t spent the last several minutes ignoring his son.

The dad then added, “I’m extremely worried about the impact this will have on my son, as when the fainting first started, he didn’t tell any of his teachers [because he was] scared that they were going to yell at him.”

This hesitation resulted in several injuries, and it took a long time to get his son comfortable with speaking up; “I’m afraid that this incident will cause him to stop asking [for help], and he will hurt himself.”

He Arranged a Meeting With The School

His son took Friday off from school. The following Monday, the dad arranged a meeting with the principal. He explained the situation.

The principal called the teacher in, and she denied everything, saying that the son “just randomly collapsed.” Furious with the blatant lie, the dad let his temper show.

“This is where I may be the a***ole,” he confessed. He was angry and screamed at the teacher. He started yelling about how his son could have gotten hurt. “I was so p***ed I hadn’t even noticed that she’d started to cry,” he wrote. The principal then asked him to leave.

While his wife and many of their friends agree with his actions, his own parents think he went too far.

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The Father Asks Social Media if He Was in The Wrong

Unsure that his actions were justified, he asked community members to weigh in online. He added that his son is well-behaved and that the family never had issues with his school conduct. The teacher was also aware of the boy’s condition, making her response even more upsetting.

“The teacher repeatedly yelled at your son, berated him, caused him to injure himself physically, and quite possibly scared him away from communicating his needs in the future. She is a bully,” one commenter wrote, coming to the dad’s defense.

Many agreed that the teacher behaved like a bully. Others called out the “you don’t look sick line” as particularly harmful.

“Losing your temper at someone who harmed your child is perfectly acceptable,” another user wrote, “The idea that people, and especially men, aren’t allowed to get pissed off when they get wronged is b***s***t.”

Both parents are in the process of getting their son’s medical information confirmed and sent to the school with the hopes that, in the future, teachers will listen and prioritize the child’s safety.

This article, Student Got a Head Injury, And The Father Believes The School Was to Blame, was produced and syndicated by TPR Teaching. Reddit source.


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