He Let His Son Take His Wife’s Menstrual Cup To Show And Tell, Not Knowing What It Is

A recent poster on the Today I F***ed Up (TIFU) subreddit revealed how he let his son take his wife’s menstrual cup to his school’s show-and-tell activity.

Mum was out of town for a few weeks, which left the son, Ben, and his father, the original poster (OP) of this story, to their own devices. One day, Ben was playing with a small silicone cup that resembled a tulip, and OP asked what it was.

To his surprise, the cup proved to be an effective tool in helping Paw Patrol save their town, protecting a spaceship from enemies, and even storing pebbles as treasure. It even came with its own pouch for the journey and accompanied them everywhere. Every place they went to, this little silicone cup had a place in the adventure.

Come show and tell day, Ben was eager to showcase his trusty creation. After school, when OP went to pick him up, Ben’s teacher asked to speak with him.

Not knowing what that could mean, the teacher and OP proceeded to have an awkward conversation, with the teacher questioning if he knew what the show-and-tell item actually was.

According to OP, a hilarious yet awkward conversation ensued:

Teacher: …That is a, uh, menstrual cup.

OP got confused.

The teacher noted his confusion: It’s, um, used to collect menstrual blood…

OP is still confused…

Teacher: It uh, goes inside, and uh…collects blood

OP: It just…stays in there?

The teacher nodded.

OP: Are you sure? I don’t think that would, uh, fit….too, uh…comfortably…there.

Teacher: Oh, it folds in half, then springs open inside….

OP, not quite believing it would fit inside the body, asked where he could get a replacement since his wife wouldn’t be too happy to discover what had happened to her menstrual cup.

After much laughter when she found out, his wife clarified that the cup fitted perfectly inside. Even Ben was none-the-wiser and still proud of his show-and-tell item.

The dad couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of a chicken riding in a tractor with a menstrual cup in tow – an image he hoped to capture one day with his wife’s permission. A good lesson to remember – always double-check what your child takes for show and tell!

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Social Media Thanked OP For Sharing His Story

Users on social media reacted to the situation with much hilarity and disbelief, to which the dad could only agree.

“Reminded me of a boy in my son’s first-grade class,” one person said. “The little entrepreneur was selling telescopes for a nickel each and sold out. Sadly, they were his mother’s used tampon applicators.”

“I love that you (sort of) argued with the teacher about its form and function, and she explained the folding and springing motion,” another commented.

‘Being a teacher must be wild,” another chimed in.

“When we were little, my brother and I found my dad’s c**doms, and we spent an afternoon on the front lawn playing with them,” one person said. “Worst water balloons ever. And why are they individually wrapped?”

“No harm done since it sounds like you both had a bloody good time!” another person joked.

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