15 Best Teach English Online Jobs (No Degree Required!)

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Teaching English online is a great way to make some side-income, travel, or work from home. 

Working from home is considered a luxury by many, especially amid a pandemic. But can you teach English online without a degree?

Is this you?

  • You are studying for a degree.
  • You do not have a degree.
  • You have previous teaching experience but no degree.

Well you’re in luck, we have opportunities for you!

Can I Teach English Online Without a Degree?

The answer is yes; you can teach English online without a degree. It’s time to break down some of the companies that you can teach at whether you have a degree or not.

First, before you begin teaching English online, it’s a good idea to hold an ESL certificate. This tremendously boosts your chances of teaching ESL online, and many companies require certification before you get started teaching.

The International Open Academy course is one of the most affordable and quick TEFL courses that provides the minimum requirements accepted by many online ESL companies!

Consider the IOA’s 120 hour TEFL Certificate.

By far, it is the most affordable certificate you will find online that provides the minimum requirements set out by many online teaching companies and can be completed in just a few short hours.

They have a sale right now where you can get the certificate for just $19 (usually $119). That’s a huge discount!

If you are looking for a more in-depth teaching course and hope to travel abroad to teach someday, I would highly recommend The TEFL Academy.

They will provide you with a student discount card, which is great when traveling. Their loyal support is always there to help, even after you finish the course.

You can earn a lot of your money back after the course by sharing your teaching experiences!

The TEFL Academy

What Companies Hire Online Teachers with no degree?

When you’ve completed your ESL course and received your certification, it’s time to start teaching. Here are some amazing online companies that allow ESL teachers to work from home without a degree.

1. Palfish: Teach on an App

Palfish is a unique app that connects teachers to young learners in China. Read our full Palfish review.

The Palfish app pays between $16 and $22 per hour and provides teachers with a flexible schedule. Teachers have to teach a minimum of 3.5 hours per week on the app.

The teacher does not have to plan any lessons, and they can have one-on-one sessions with students that are 25 minutes long. 

Teachers do not need a degree; however, they must be a native English speaker to teach the Kids Course and have TEFL certification. 

Palfish also has a flexible 24/7 schedule as they can receive calls from adults. Teachers can charge their own rates for these, and non-native speakers can also take calls.

Lessons are conducted on a tablet or phone. Palfish encourages teachers to market themselves by frequently posting so that students will notice them and book their classes.

Teachers earn points for teaching classes and have higher pay based on the number of teaching hours they complete, their class attendance, and so forth.

Check out the teacher manual to help you start at Palfish.

Sign up with Palfish.

Sign up with Palfish here (if you are from the Philippines).

For English Language Teachers or Those Looking to Get Started…

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2. Cambly: Chat 24/7 with Adults

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers
  • Pay: $10.20 per hour
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: personal profile information, network check, introduction video

Cambly allows native English speakers or native-like English speakers to teach English online. Read our full Cambly review.

Teaching with Cambly is a very flexible company, and teachers can log in and log out at any time of the day to teach English there. 

Cambly teachers teach adults from all around the world. Cambly pays $10.20 per hour or 17 cents per speaking minute. This is a one-of-a-kind company with no teaching experience or qualifications required.

Cambly is a relaxed space for learners and teachers alike. Teachers are there to chat and help the students grow in confidence when speaking the English language. 

Teachers can grow their student base after a few weeks of being on the platform and have a group of regular students to teach. Teachers can set a flexible schedule or log on and teach when they please.

Cambly is a great side income or second income source and is suitable for meeting many interesting and diverse people worldwide.

Sign up for Cambly.


3. Cambly kids: Chat 24/7 with Children

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers
  • Pay: $12 per hour
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: personal profile information, network check, introduction video, short demo recording

Cambly Kids connect children with teachers all around the world. Students are aged between 4 and 15 years. Read our full Cambly Kids review.

Cambly Kids pays $12 per hour or 20 cents per speaking minute. This is a unique teaching opportunity with no experience or qualifications required.

While tutors can have a chat with their students, the tutor also has some simple lesson slides available to keep the discussion going.

Teachers can log into the platform anytime they wish and teach. They can also set up a regular schedule so that students can book them in advance.

Teachers like Cambly because it is a supportive community and Californian-based company which doesn’t punish teachers. 

Teachers often like to use Cambly Kids as a secondary or side income.

However, teachers sometimes struggle to get their account approved on Cambly (or Cambly Kids), as there is no strict timeline as to when teachers’ applications will be approved.

Sign up for Cambly Kids.

Teach English Online

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4. Outschool: Teach Courses to Under 18s

  • Requirements: English speakers from the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Pay: $50 average per hour
  • Equipment: laptop, webcam, microphone, reliable Wifi connection (3Mbps for both upload and download)
  • How to Apply: talk about yourself, introductory video, background check.

Outschool is not quite ESL teaching, although there are some online ESL teachers there. It is another way to teach online. Read our full Outshool review.

While teaching ESL is less common, it is one possible way that teachers market themselves.

Outschool is a desirable choice for teachers who want to get creative and teach their course in any subject at all. You can check out our tips for creating engaging courses for students.

There are many unique classes there, from DIY crafts to Pokemon.

Outschool is suitable for teachers who want to work during the U.S. timezone, as most children taking classes are from the U.S. 

Teachers do not need to hold a degree but have a passion for teaching! Teachers can teach multiple students in group sessions, and the average teacher makes $40 per hour, according to Outschool.

However, teachers need some time to build up their student base, it might not happen in the first month, but students are likely to come back again for more!

Sign up to Outschool here.


5. Preply: Top Teachers Make $500 Weekly

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers
  • Pay: Set your own rates
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: complete your profile and record a video introduction

Teachers can teach both adults and children on Preply. Check out our full Preply review.

Teachers can teach a variety of subjects and several languages, so there is a place for all teachers! 

Preply is a good option for those you do not have a teaching certificate, traditional experience, or qualifications 

Teachers can teach what they want, in addition to their own lesson plans and materials.

Preply is open to native and non-native English speakers.

While teachers can set their own rates, teachers have to pay an 18% to 33% commission rate. The more you teach, the less commission the teacher has to pay 

According to the Preply website, top teachers make $500 a week. You can find some free teaching material sites listed here.

6. Magic Ears: Must be Pursing a Bachelor’s Degree

Update: no longer hiring.

  • Requirements: Native English speakers, TEFL certification
  • Pay: up to $26 per hour
  • Equipment: laptop, nice teacher background, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: Basic information, mini-demo, trial demo, background check

Magic Ears is suitable for teachers from native English speaking countries and want to teach English to young Chinese learners online. Read our Magic Ears review.

However, teachers must be in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. You must be able to provide an official transcript. Magic Ears also requires teachers to have a teaching certificate.

Magic Ears want teachers who have one year of teaching experience and above. This can be in the form of mentoring, volunteering, or some other kind of experience. 

Magic Ears is the right choice for teachers who want to earn high pay for teaching 1-on-4 group sessions, at up to $26 per hour. 

Teachers can teach classes from 5 pm to 9 pm Beijing Time, with many more hours available on weekends.

They also have a free course to help teachers pass the interview so that you can be sure to up to date with Magic Ear’s best practices!

Sign up for Magic Ears here.


7. Verbling: Teach Many Languages

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers, teaching experience
  • Pay: Set your own rates
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: fill out their application form with a video

Teach almost any language on Verbling. Verbling has over 65 languages and 10,000 teachers. 

Verbling features and markets teachers in return for a commission fee of 15%. Verbling charges students fees as well, which adds to the price of the lessons. 

Teachers typically make about $15 to $25 an hour and teach teens and adults. Nobody under the age of 13 can use Verbling.

Verbling is looking for native English teachers in their language of choice. Teachers can set up a schedule and teach at any time of the day. There is no degree or certification required to teach at Verbling.

Sign up to Verbling here.

8. Classo: Teachers Compare it to Cambly

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers
  • Pay: up to $21 per hour
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: send an email to classo@acetak.co.kr

Classo is a relatively new Korean company. Some teachers compare this site to Cambly, but it allows you to get paid up to $21 an hour.

Class teaches a range of languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.

The students purchase a pack of monthly lessons, and you can have students for several months as a result. It is open to native and non-native English speakers who have high levels of proficiency.

A teaching certificate is not required by Classo, although it is preferred.

Teachers should create an attractive profile so that students will choose them. Business English, test prep, or other specialties, are an advantage.

Teachers can teach 24 hours per day but because the platform is located in Korea, they have to be mindful of the timezone difference when thinking about the best time to teach.

Sign up for Classo here.


9. Skimatalk: 25-Minute Interactive Lessons

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers 
  • Pay: minimum of $16 per hour
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: Create your teacher profile, complete a few simple tests

Skimatalk is a teaching platform for Japanese business professionals. Check out our full Skimtalk review.

Skimatalk looks for native English speakers, but they do not need to hold a degree.

The advantage of using Skimatalk is that there is a minimum threshold teacher can charge, which is 16 USD per hour. This helps with price wars, which we see on other teaching platforms.

Lessons are one-on-one and are only 25-minutes. Students can choose between Skimatalk’s preplanned classes, or the teachers can help prepare them on a specific topic.

Lessons are conducted on Skype, and feedback is provided to the student after the lesson. 

Teachers can open a flexible 24/7 schedule and do not have to worry about last-minute bookings.

Teachers can book their schedule 12 hours to 8 days ahead of time, and those sessions remain open for booking until 12 hours before the session time begins.

Sign up to Skimatalk here.

10. Amazing Talker: Teach Individual or Group Lessons

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers, teaching experience
  • Pay: set your own rates
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: register, fill in your profile, complete a demo class with a VIP top-earning teacher 

Amazing Talker connects teachers to students across the globe, providing an immersive one-on-one or group learning experience. Teachers can teach both adults and children.

Students can choose between native and non-native teachers. Teachers provide custom courses for students, and, according to Amazing Talker, top teachers earn between $19-$50 per hour.

Amazing Talker is recruiting teachers who are fluent in English (native and non-native English speakers).

Amazing Talker has trial lessons, which run for 25 minutes, and official private lessons run for 50 minutes.

Amazing Talker matches students to teachers, so tutors can contact students when they receive a match alert. Teachers prepare their own lesson material.

Amazing Talker provides in-depth training to new teachers to help them adjust to the platform. They allow you to add your profile to the platform for free in exchange for a 15-30% commission fee on each of the teacher’s lessons.

The more teachers teach on the platform that month, the less commission they have to pay. If teachers earn $1500 per month or more, they will be at the lower end of the commission rate scale (15%).

Sign up for Amazing Talker here.


11. iTalki: Community and Professional Tutors

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers
  • Pay: set your own rates
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: Complete an application, answer a quiz, book a video call with iTalki Teacher Services

iTalki is another platform that advertises teachers in exchange for a commission fee. Tutors set their own rates and teach adults on the platform.

Teachers have their own teaching material, and there are two ways to teach on the platform: as a community tutor or as a professional tutor.

A community tutor can teach English online without a degree or teaching certificate. Community tutors offer no structured lesson plans but rather ‘language exchange services.’ They earn less than professional teachers, approximately $9-$13 per hour.

A professional teacher provides structured lesson plans and has a degree or a TEFL certificate. Experienced teachers make approximately $15-$19 per hour.

If teachers show that they have some specializations, such as Business English or Test Prep, they can earn between $18-$22 per hour.

New teachers are recommended to charge below price average when they first get started. 

iTalki is similar to Amazing Talker but charges commission fees at 15%. Students are adult learners and mostly reside in Russia, China, and Brazil.

Check out the teacher manual to help you get started on iTalki.

Apply to iTalki here.

12. English Ninjas: Conversational Classes with Turkish Students

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers
  • Pay: $0.16 per minute with bonuses
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: fill out an application with a video 

English Ninjas is a Turkish platform that connects English teachers to speakers around the globe. They also have “English Ninjas Kids,” a tailored course for kids between the ages of 4-13.

English Ninjas accept native or non-native tutors who have a neutral accent. 

Lessons can be video or audio-only.

While some sites report that teachers make $0.16 per hour, we are not sure if this up to date information, as previous teachers have said they were paid $6 per hour.

Tutors are provided with lesson material and set their own schedules. The peak hours are from 6 pm to 2 am Turkish time.

English Ninjas provides conversational classes in an interactive one-on-one environment. 

Apply to English Ninjas here.


13. Latin Hire: Teach a Variety of Subjects on a Chilean Platform

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers
  • Pay: $8-$10 per hour
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: fill out your personal information, interview with mock class

Latin Hire is a Chilean platform that allows teachers to tutor the English language and hire those who can teach chemistry, physics, accounting, economics, and mathematical subjects.

Latin Hire encourages native and non-native teachers to sign up; no degree required. 

They have their own online classroom where tutors can guide students, provide feedback, and use the chat function.

Teachers set their own schedules, and the compensation varies for each tutor depending on their availability, lesson quality, and the number of sessions they plan to teach. However, I have read online reviews that quote compensation to be roughly $8-$10 per hour. 

Sign up to Latin Hire here.

14. Tutlo: A Polish Language Learning App

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers
  • Pay: $5 – $10 per hour
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: fill out an application with a short introductory video

Tutlo is a Polish language learning app that offers one-on-one learning to business professionals, children, and adults.

Tutlo requires native English speakers from the US, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, U.K., and Australia. Pay ranges from $5 – $11 per hour, and they pay via Paypal.

They require TEFL certification and at least six months of tutoring experience (language volunteering programs, online/offline, or private tuition also apply).

Lessons are on-demand, so teachers do not have to set a schedule in advance. Just log on and log off when it suits. Online classes are demanded from 7 am to 10 pm Polish time.

Sign up for Tutlo here.


15. Rype: 24/7 Schedule and No Cash Exchange

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers, teaching experience
  • Pay: $9-$11 per hour
  • Equipment: laptop, headset, reliable Wifi connection
  • How to Apply: fill out an application and record an introductory video

Rype is an app that allows tutors to teach multiple languages online. Teachers must have previous experience teaching English and must commit to at least a 10-hour weekly schedule.

Rype allows teachers to get paid automatically without needing to exchange cash, and the rate is set by Rype (usually between $9-$11 per hour).

For applications to get accepted, Rype wants teachers to have previous experience teaching English online (whether in person or online).

Teachers have access to a 24/7 schedule and can work from anywhere with internet access.

Rype quotes that the average teacher application takes 5 minutes to complete. Teachers complete the application by filling out their basic qualifications and recording a video of themselves before starting teaching.

Sign up to Rype here.

When Shouldn’t Non-Degree Holders Apply for an Online Teaching Company?

If you are a non-degree holder, you shouldn’t apply for a company that requires a degree. First of all, you will usually fail the basic information stage, and you likely won’t hear from the company.

In short, don’t waste your time applying for a company that lists a B.A. degree as a minimum requirement! The companies mentioned above will hire with or without a degree.

If all else fails, you could even consider teaching English abroad. You do not necessarily need a degree to teach English abroad.

Check out some of the fantastic places you can teach English abroad.

Need a Headset?

As you may have noticed, online teaching companies require a headset. When choosing a headset, make sure that it has a USB wire and a microphone attached.

Are you looking for a basic online teacher setup? Here are some of the teaching supplies you should consider!

In Conclusion

Tutoring is possible for both native and non-native online teachers. They just need to look in the right places! 

These are the online companies that hire teachers without a degree. Interested in more online teaching jobs? Check out our jobs list. 

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