Top 10 Companies That Teach English Online to Japanese

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Online teaching companies are not limited to Europe and China. In fact, there are many online teaching companies and private websites throughout the world which cater to English speakers.

In this post, we’ll explore the Top 10 companies that teach English to Japanese students. 

If you are new here, you might want to check out our other job opportunities to teach English online. Without further ado, let’s look at the online teaching companies based in Japan.

English Everywhere

1. English Everywhere

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers, TEFL certification
  • Pay: $14- $16 per hour
  • Equipment: computer with webcam, Skype, stable internet connection
  • How to Apply: read the contract and conditions and fill in their application form

English Everywhere provides basic to advanced English classes for students in Japan. English Everywhere teaches children and adults English, making English relevant to their everyday lives.

They require teachers to have some teaching experience and ESL certification. They also want teachers to be proficient in the use of Skype for online classes. English Everywhere pay between $14 to $16 per hour and all payments are transferred via Paypal.

If they are interested in working with you, they will reply to your application with an interview invitation. They will stop the interview at any point they feel you are not a good fit for the company.

You will have an interview with English Everywhere staff and a lesson with an English Everywhere student. If successful, you are ready to register on their automatic reservation schedule and start teaching!

Apply to English Everywhere here.

Cena English

2. Cena English

  • Requirements: Native English speakers from the U.S., Bachelor’s degree, TEFL certification
  • Pay: $22 per hour
  • Equipment: computer with webcam, headset, Skype, stable internet connection (1.5 Mbps upload and download)
  • How to Apply: fill in the application form on their website

Cena English is the leading site for native online teaching in Japan.

At Cena English, teachers provide private one-on-one lessons to Japanese learners via Skype. Cena English is looking for certified native-speaking teachers with an American nationality but can be located anywhere. 

Cena English pays 11 USD per 25-minute trial class and 22 USD per 50-minute lesson.

Apply to Cena English here.

Cafe Talk

3. Cafe Talk

  • Requirements: Native English speakers from the U.S., Bachelor’s degree, TEFL certification
  • Pay: $22 per hour
  • Equipment: computer or tablet with webcam, headset, Skype, stable internet connection
  • How to Apply: apply for an account, fill out their application, take a simple interview

Cafe Talk is an online teaching platform that offers a variety of lessons, not just languages. Cafe Talk boasts over 46,000+ students, and tutors have the freedom to set their rates. 

Teachers create their own lessons or courses which students can book. Students can request a time to book, and messages and files can be exchanged with the student. Teachers are paid via Payoneer or Paypal each month, and a minimum withdrawal of 3000 JPY (29 USD) applies.

Cafe Talk takes a commission for each lesson, depending on your total cumulative sales and your sales over a one month period.

Apply to Cafe Talk here.


4. S-Lessons

  • Requirements: native and non-native English speakers, at least one year of teaching experience
  • Pay: Set your own rates
  • Equipment: computer with webcam, headset, Skype, stable internet connection
  • How to Apply: fill out their application, have a Skype interview, take a demo lesson

S-Lessons is a platform where teachers can teach Japanese children the English language. They provide two types of courses– their own course or the teacher’s course. 

Teachers can decide their own rates and make their own schedule. There is a 20% commission rate charged on lessons. Lessons are 25 minutes long, with a short evaluation at the end.

Teachers have a profile set up on the platform, and students can register for a session with the teacher. Teachers should take into account the time difference, as the children are located in Japan.

They don’t have vacancies for new teachers at the moment but bookmark the site for later if you are interested.

Apply to S-Lessons here.


5. Lyngo

  • Requirements: native level English speakers and native-level Japanese speakers
  • Pay: 900 JPY to 1500 JPY per hour (8.73 USD to 14.55 USD) , pay via Paypal.
  • Equipment: computer with webcam, headset, Skype, stable internet connection
  • How to Apply: Apply directly on the website with resume attached

Since 2012, Lyngo has helped thousands of students develop their English language skills. They offered general conversational and business English lassons.

Lyngo doesn’t require teachers to have any experience teaching, and certifications are preferred but not necessary for the job.

Lyngo provides all the lesson material for the teachers. Classes are held from 5 am to 1:30 am (Japanese time). They prefer candidates who can work from 8 pm to midnight and those willing to work weekends.

Teachers currently provide 6 to 40 hours of teaching class per week and are paid up to 1600 Japanese Yen, depending on class type and incentives.

Apply to Lyngo here.


6. Eigox

  • Requirements: native and non-native speakers
  • Pay: 160 JPY to Filipino tutors (1.55 USD), and native tutors receive 600 JPY (5.82 USD) per 25-minute lesson
  • Equipment: computer with webcam, headset, Skype, wired internet connection 
  • How to Apply: fill out an application form, send a video message, online interview.

Eigox is looking for Japenese tutors to help Japenese students learn English on Skype. Teachers can provide lessons to students by using the following methods:

  1. Free-talk classes with topics like sport, food, and travel
  2. Textbook-based on learning for students who wish to practice English formally
  3. Using free online teaching materials accessible via the internet

Teachers must be able to teach at least ten hours per week. As a trainee, teachers will receive 50% of their base pay for the first ten lessons, and then pay rates are increased based on work performance. Tutors write a lesson review within 24 hours after completing each lesson.

Apply to Eigox here.


7. E-Communication (Ecom)

  • Requirements: native and non-native speakers, two years of ESL experience, experience teaching business English and business experience
  • Pay: 2000- 2300 JPY per hour who reside in Japan (13-16.20 euro to those who live in the Euro area or 15-20 USD for those who reside elsewhere)
  • Equipment: computer with webcam, headset, Skype, Google Hangouts, stable internet connection 
  • How to Apply: fill out an application form with a resume attached, send a Youtube recording. 

At E-Communication, teachers teach Japanese business professionals, mainly between 30 to 50 years old. They prefer candidates who are available mornings from 5 am to 8 am or evenings from 8 pm to 12 pm. 

They want teachers to have experience teaching business English and be available to teach approximately 20-hours per week. Teachers must be able to follow a set schedule.

Currently, E-Communication is accepting teachers who understand some basic Japanese or are living in Japan now.

E-Communication requires a CV but does not need copies of certificates if teachers wish to protect their privacy. They also want teachers to make a Youtube introductory video (it can be a private Youtube video, which others cannot see) and send them the link.

If they are satisfied with your accent and pronunciation, you may be able to skip the first interview round.

Apply to E-Communication here.

Mainichi Eikaiwa

8. Mainichi Eikaiwa

  • Requirements: Native English speakers (including South Africa), college or university degree, at least a year of English teaching experience, teaching certificate preferred
  • Pay: 1500 JPY (14.54 USD) for every fifty-minute class, paid via Paypal
  • Equipment: reliable computer with webcam, Skype, stable internet connection 
  • How to Apply: fill out their application form here, and they will reply to you in seven days.

Mainichi Eikaiwa is the leading online English school in Japan. They serve students who are looking to master their English for various purposes and have courses like IELTS, Business English, TOEFL, and general English.

They are looking for native English teachers, and a teaching certificate is preferred. They are looking for teachers for the long term who can help students in early morning to night classes. They teach a range of students, from teens to adults.

Teachers will have to prepare suitable lessons for each student and be available to work at least three hours per day, five days a week. They want teachers who are available to work either 5 am- 9 am (Japan time) or between 6 pm and 12 am (Japan time).

Apply to Mainichi Eikaiwa here.

Eigo Power

9. Eigo Power

  • Requirements: native and non-native speakers, Japanese instructors, one year of teaching experience preferred, university degree, teaching certificate preferred
  • Pay: 1200-1600 JPY per hour (11.64 USD to 15.52 USD)
  • Equipment: reliable computer with webcam, Skype, stable internet connection 
  • How to Apply: send your CV to

English Power is an online teaching platform in Japan and is looking for teachers to conduct one-on-one classes for children and adults. The expected pay is 1200 – 1600 Japanese Yen per hour.

They accept native and non-native English speakers (provided that they 750 or more points in TOEIC).

There is an alternative name for this company called Alisins, and sources say that you can send your resume to the email

There is not much information about this company so it would be best to email them for further details on the job. 

Check out their website here.

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10. English Tutor Online

  • Requirements: Native English speakers from the UK and US, teaching experience, bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate
  • Pay: $12-$18 per hour
  • Equipment: reliable computer with webcam, stable internet connection, Skype
  • How to Apply: fill out their application form online and produce a one-minute intro video

At English Tutor Online, teachers partner with students as “mentors” to help them achieve their goals. They teach a range of lessons to children and adults; travel English, general English, Business English, test prep, interviews, writing, and more.

Classes are on Skype, and they offer one-on-one, group classes, and intensive 90-minute classes for students. They offer lessons 24/7, and they provide the lesson material for teachers.

Apply to English Tutors Online here.

Teach English Online

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There are many online teaching companies that you can teach for, including those based in Japan.

Some companies require a bachelor’s degree or higher; however other companies, like Lyngo, do not require those qualifications. You only need to be able to speak the English language for most online teaching companies but if you have some Japanese, it would be to your advantage. Impress the employer with your skills!

To help you get hired, I highly recommend getting TEFL certified. You can do this by completing a Level-5 qualification in a course like The TEFL Academy, or a very affordable option would be to complete the International Open Academy 120-Hour TEFL course. The IOA course is suitable for those who just wish to teach English online.

Check out my other tips for good online English teaching. These are applicable to all online ESL companies and will help you become a more confident teacher.

In Conclusion

Japan has many online teaching companies that native and non-native speakers can choose from. Mark the ones that suit your situation and wait a few days to hear back from them. Best of luck with your application!

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