Teacher Saw Her Students Beating Their Classmate But Ignored It

The story of a teacher in Rio de Janeiro, who decided not to intervene when her students were engaged in a fight, has garnered over 20,000 reactions and 700 comments on social media.

A history teacher encountered a troublesome student who continually misbehaved in class. Despite the teacher’s attempts to discipline the student using verbal warnings and even calling his mother, nothing seemed to stop him from causing havoc.

The boy was known for making noise, “touching” other students and staff members, and bullying them with “malicious and racist jokes.”

He was so difficult to work with that he destroyed a recent group project, causing everyone to fail. As a result of this, the teacher gave more time for the rest of his group to redo their work.

The mother defended her beloved son, insisting that he “would never do such bad things” and that “He’s such a sweetie.” The history teacher, however, classified him as a “bully.”

Catching The Bully Being Bullied

The next day, as the teacher was walking towards the staff room, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. There was a commotion, and she saw “the kid being dragged to a corner.” 

The teacher knew immediately what was happening, but she chose to ignore it and continued walking to the teacher’s room.

The problematic student was being roughed up and had to go home early after the incident, and no one ratted on the perpetrator. The history teacher gave her usual lecture as if nothing had happened and admitted she felt no remorse for not intervening.

Her final comments on the situation: “I know I was the a***ole in this situation. I won’t let this s*** happen again, nor will I praise anyone that took part in this,” she said. “But this is a confession subreddit, and I confess that it felt good.”

“Also, the kid is fine. They hit him in the belly and arms, and obviously, I won’t let that happen again. The school is giving him extra care and attention.”

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The Post Received Mixed Reactions

While varied, some people condemned her decision while others appreciated her honesty.

“Talk smack, get smacked. Best education public schools can teach you,” one user said, receiving 7,800 ‘upvotes’ for their comment.

Every story I’ve heard of someone getting beat up in public schools is always weirdly justified,” one person said, to which he later changed his stance. “Edit: I realized that im wrong. I sincerely apologize for being ignorant of other people’s problems with unjustified bullying just because I haven’t heard much of it.

“Let’s hope he doesn’t shoot up his class,” another commented.

This person’s comment, “I like this confession,” was met with over 200 appreciative upvotes. However, the next comment, “You’re a terrible teacher,” received 144 upvotes.

One user advised: “Just make sure it doesn’t happen again, or the kid can get traumatized. Even if you don’t like him, as a teacher, you should still try your hardest to help and guide him on the right path.”

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