Teacher Quits After His First Day of Teaching Due to Students’ Behavior

In today’s digital era, education is considered a vital aspect of our lives. When examining modern education, the unsung heroes are undoubtedly school teachers.

The Dilemma of Being a Teacher

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These educators are tasked with the responsibility of providing children with everything they need to grow and lead a successful life.

However, some students can be mean and disrespectful, making a teacher’s job feel almost impossible. 

A Harrowing Experience

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Sadly, that’s what happened to Kevin Black, a teacher who called it quits on his first-ever day of teaching.

Taking to his TikTok account, Black posted a video in early August 2023, through which he candidly shared his experience on his very first day in a teaching role.

Quitting on the First Day

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“So it’s my first day of being a teacher, and… I’m quitting” Black says forlornly.

The experience was so overwhelming that it led him to draft his resignation that same day. 

The Multitude of Challenges Teachers Face

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“I don’t want this,” he says. 

Black’s shocking revelation underscores the multitude of challenges teachers face, even when they are brimming with enthusiasm and passion for their craft.

Navigating the Complexities of Contemporary Classrooms 

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His 26-second video laid bare the realities many educators face when walking into modern classrooms. He said, “I went to school for no reason. I thought I [could] handle it.”

The despair in his voice was clear as he described his students as “mean” and “rude.”

Lack of Respect

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Beyond the expected academic challenges, teachers today also face many behavioral issues among their students.

These problems tend to overshadow their primary mission, which is teaching their entire class.

Lack of Respect

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With a hint of disappointment and disbelief, Back concluded, “These kids were sneezing everywhere. So today’s my last day.”

Understanding the Challenges of Teaching

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Recently educators globally have begun discussing and debating the wider issues they face at school.

The difficulties they encounter are diverse, ranging from creating lesson plans to catering to the individual needs of students each day. 

Is the Salary Worth It?

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Moreover, the typically modest salaries most teachers earn make many wonder if it’s worth the struggle, and question their career choices. 

The Job Can Be Stressful

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This profession can truly put huge stress on an individual.

Furthermore, societal expectations and demands on teachers have increased, complicating their roles to an even greater degree. 

A Teacher’s Responsibility

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The weight of the responsibility they bear is immense.

Educators don’t just teach academic subjects; they also play the role of counselor, mentor, and sometimes even parental figure.

Community Feedback and Shared Experiences

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The feedback left underneath Kevin Black’s video was rapid, with many expressing their sympathies and acknowledging the demanding nature of his chosen profession.

One TikTok user sympathized with his experience, stating that they were “23 years in,” and that “this career is not for the weak.” 

Community Feedback and Shared Experiences

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Others shared suggestions for Kevin. One user urged him to give it another shot, saying, “Maybe it’s just not the right age group. don’t give up!”

Another said, “Okay I’ve been teaching 11 years- you gotta be strict at first- first days, actually the first 9 weeks are the hardest!!”

Other Suggested Taking an Alternate Path

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Meanwhile, others suggested he try an alternate path. One user said they endured “2.5 years of misery” before switching careers, from teaching to becoming an ultrasound technician.

He went on to say that not only did he receive more respect in the medical field, but also better remuneration.

The Need for Adequate Training

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This incident, while disheartening, has also sparked a discussion on the need for adequate training for aspiring teachers.

One piece of advice offered by a TikTok user stood out: ”This is why I’m subbing for a while first. My folks want me to teacher asap but I said no I wanna see if this is for me.”

Reflecting on the State of Education

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The response and views on Black’s video speak volumes about the present state of education.

Comments like, “Get out while you can! So glad I did.” and “There is not a single day I regret leaving teaching,” on Kevin’s video show how so many aspiring teachers ended up feeling disappointed. 

Expectations Versus Reality

Online Teaching Burnout

As Kevin’s case indicates, for many educators, the reality of their role was vastly different from their expectations. 

This underlines the need for a more holistic approach to teacher training and support.

Ensuring Support for Educators

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As the education system keeps evolving, teachers must be offered the support and respect they deserve. These educators serve as the backbone of our future generation. 

If teachers like Kevin Black continue to feel like “they went to school for no reason,” then the current education system may be in dire need of significant reforms.

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