Teacher Won’t Pronounce Student’s Name Correctly So Father Challenges Her Authority in Front of The Class

A father shared a story on social media about his daughter’s teacher refusing to learn her name despite being corrected multiple times. He tried to resolve the matter.


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Is it ever okay for a parent to undermine a schoolteacher’s authority and correct them in front of their class? After an unpleasant confrontation with his daughter’s teacher, this father wrote on social media to inquire just that.

His Daughter Took Online Classes

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Per his retelling, the issue started when the Redditor’s seven-year-old daughter began taking online classes in their living room. The father could not help but overhear as the teacher continually addressed a girl named ‘Kelly,’ which struck him as odd. It was nearing the end of the school year—he knew all fifteen kids in the class, and none of them were named Kelly. 

The Teacher Called Her “Kelly”

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As the teacher repeatedly called out Kelly during class, the situation began to dawn on him: she was speaking to his daughter. The only problem? “My daughter’s name is Keeley, pronounced Kee-lee,” the father wrote, upset by the discovery.

It Annoyed His Daughter

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After virtual schooling was over, the Redditor spoke to his daughter. The seven-year-old confirmed that the teacher had been mistaking her name all year and said, “It really annoyed her.”

When asked if she had attempted to correct the teacher at any point, Keeley insisted that she had done so at the beginning of the school year. Since the teacher kept calling her by the wrong name, the girl soon considered it a lost cause.

The Father Reached Out To The Teacher Via Email

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Since this particular instructor was in charge of a specialized subject, Keeley would most likely have her as a teacher again in future years. Unwilling to let this state of affairs go on until his daughter graduates, the Redditor emailed the teacher to explain the misunderstanding. He received no reply.

He Wanted to Teach His Daughter a Life Lesson

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“How moments like these are handled now will set the stage for how my kid deals with similar situations on her own in the working world,” the father explained in his post. For this reason, he encouraged his daughter to stand up for herself. She needed to speak with the teacher one-on-one before their next class.

The Teacher Refused to Listen

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The next day, the seven-year-old logged on early for her lesson. Politely but firmly, she explained to the teacher that her name was “‘Keeley like really, instead of Kelly like jelly’ and that people often get it confused so she just wanted to clarify.” All seemed well until the class started up, and the teacher straightaway referred to her as Kelly again.

The Father Addressed The Teacher in Front of The Class

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At this point, the father decided to take matters into his own hands and put an end to the mix-up. Coming up to stand behind his daughter in the video conference, he broke into the conversation, “Hi, this is Keeley’s Dad. Her name’s not Kelly. It’s Keeley. Hard ‘E.’ Sorry for any confusion.”

The Teacher Was Upset

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This impromptu intervention earned the Redditor and his wife a trip to the vice-principal’s office. In a meeting with the vice-principal and the teacher in question, Keeley’s parents were told that—although the teacher should have learned the girl’s name—the real issue for the school was the father’s interference.

He Challenged Her Authority

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“The teacher feels I challenged her authority by correcting her in class and that the names were ‘similar enough’ for it to ‘not have warranted such drastic action,’” the father wrote. “That surprised me. I couldn’t believe a meeting was necessary, let alone that it cast blame on us.”

Was He Wrong?

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Uncertain whether he had overstepped some boundaries, the Redditor asked other internet users to weigh in on the situation: “I can’t tell if I’m being that annoying ‘my kid matters most’ parent … or if the teacher should just learn her darn name because that’s a basic part of her job.”

Social Media Users Reacted To The Story

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Regardless of his doubts, the post’s comment section was soon inundated with support for the proactive dad. The general consensus ruled that his intervention was not only necessary but that the teacher was also “rude for not making any effort upon correction and … awful to escalate it.’

They Shared Their Experiences

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Most users either had a similar experience or witnessed it happen, like the case of a classmate named just ‘Trisha.’ “She had a teacher who was so insistent that her name was ‘Patricia’ and determined to teach her to spell it that way,” the commenter recalled. “Her mom had to come in with her birth certificate and demanded the principal deal with it.”

Others Could Relate

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But an overwhelming majority of Redditors voted for the following suggestion: “I had a teacher do that to my daughter, and she only corrected herself when I started addressing her [the teacher] by the wrong name.” 

Adding on to that recommendation, another user declared, “And if she [the teacher] has a problem with that, that proves that she is a hypocrite.”

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