TEFL Online Pro Review Warning: Is it Legit?

Are you looking for a TEFL certificate?

Teaching English abroad or online is a great career for many reasons. Not only is it a well-paid job that will enable you to live comfortably in another country, but it will also allow you to see and experience a different culture in almost any part of the world.

Check out our list of some of the best countries to teach abroad to see some options!

But let’s not forget our responsibilities! Being able to shape others’ minds and help them learn is the most important part of the teaching journey. Therefore, we must become suitably qualified as ESL teachers so we can find a job abroad.

In this article, we will give a TEFL Online Pro Review so you can make an informed decision before you purchase a course from this TEFL provider.

Overview: There seems to be some suspicious behavior on TEFL Online Pro’s end. We will give you the facts to help you decide whether TEFL Online Pro is legit or a scam.

Who is TEFL Online Pro?

TEFL Online Pro is a TEFL provider that claims that their unique selling point is their unrivaled student and teacher support. They provide three types of courses: a 60-hour fast-track course, a 120-hour TEFL course, and a Hybrid 150-hour TEFL course.

I immediately have a number of questions for this site, and upon further evaluation, I realize that it doesn’t look so good. But first, let’s learn about what you need to look for in a TEFL course.

What do you need to look for in a TEFL Course?

Before you choose a TEFL course, here are the things you need to look for:

  • At least 120 hours of training
  • Accreditation by an independent external body
  • Job support and assistance
  • Instruction provided by qualified teacher trainers
  • Teaching practice is advantageous

You want to look for an accredited course to verify that it meets quality standards in terms of course curriculum, level of instruction, course training, and practice.

Many courses take place online, but it really stands on your resume if you can gain some teaching practice. Some TEFL courses offer this in their “combined” (online and in-person) courses.

Is TEFL Online Pro Legit?

The TEFL courses are said to be “internationally recognized” and “award-winning,” but they don’t seem to be accredited or regulated; therefore, we have no proof that this is a legitimate TEFL course.

The TEFL course claims to have won the Teacher Choice Awards from Trusted TEFL Reviews, which has glowing reviews of the TEFL course on their site.

However, there seems to be something terribly wrong about this.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that Trusted TEFL Reviews and TEFL Online Pro may be operated by the same person. There is some very damning evidence to suggest this.

More on this below.

The Teachers Choice Award Winners

The TEFL Online Pro was awarded The Teacher Choice Award by Trusted TEFL Reviews.

So, can we trust Trusted TEFL Reviews? Well I mean they call themselves trusted, right?

I took a look at the records of both websites and I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were both created in the same month, and have the same address and phone number linking to both sites.

What’s worse is that people are believing the reviews on Trusted TEFL Reviews, and going straight over to TEFL Online Pro to purchase the course.

Trusted TEFL Reviews, on the other hand, has supposedly no affiliation with any of the TEFL courses, and states that they are the only site that can be trusted for reviews online.

Here is the Whois record for TEFL Online Pro:

TEFL Online Pro
TEFL Online Pro Scam

And the record for Trusted TEFL Reviews:

Trusted TEFL Reviews Scam
Trusted TEFL Reviews

Yikes! Something looks extremely fishy.

Not only do they have the same address details, phone number and operate on the same server, but the two sites were made 10 days apart.

Is Trusted TEFL Pro Legit?

If you take a look at Trusted TEFL Reviews, TEFL Online Pro is the only course they avidly promote with discounts and offers on their homepage and the only course that has ever won their teacher choice awards.

Hmm. I find it difficult to believe they have no affiliation whatsoever with The TEFL Online Pro.

We also found this video from Ian Leahy, from ESL Insider, who exposes TEFL Online Pro for their past shady behavior:

The TEFL Online Pro Recommendation: Avoid

We recommend avoiding this particular site because there is no evidence to suggest this course is in any way regulated or accredited.

There is also very little information available on the internet on sites other than Trusted TEFL Reviews.

Still, from our research and evidence, it seems as though Trusted TEFL Reviews was set up to endorse The TEFL Online Pro. I would love to hear what TEFL Online Pro has to say about this.

Edit: TEFL Online Pro has recently reached out and asked me to remove this post; threatening legal proceedings. They said I am providing misleading information yet didn’t say what was misleading. Please, I am more than welcoming your correction.

Why You Should Still Consider Doing a TEFL Course

I hope I have not got your hopes up! There are still plenty of accredited TEFL courses out there. Here are some reasons why you should get a TEFL-certified:

Reasons to Get a TEFL Certificate

  • There is a great demand for the English language
  • Teach ESL online or abroad
  • Many potential job opportunities, such as TEFL teacher, au pair, teaching assistant
  • Experience other cultures and ways of life
  • Work in schools, colleges, or organizations for adults
  • Looks good on your resume
  • Great part-time and full-time opportunities available

Alternative TEFL Courses

There are many other TEFL courses on the market, and they more or less accomplish the same task; to qualify you as an English Language Teacher so you can work abroad or online.

In Conclusion

There are many other highly accredited TEFL courses you can find on the internet, but unfortunately, TEFL Online Pro doesn’t look like one of them. From this Online TEFL Pro review, we can see this is a potentially untrustworthy site. So be careful!

If you have any experience with The TEFL Pro, let me know in the comments’ section below!

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