The TEFLPros Review in 2022 (Is it Legit?)

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The TEFLPros is a female-owned TEFL provider committed to helping others find success in living and teaching English abroad.

In this TEFLPros review, we will break down everything you need to know before taking the course.

Why get a TEFL certificate?

  • Teach online or abroad at virtually any location
  • Leads you to many potential opportunities, such as a TEFL teacher, au pair, volunteer tutor, teaching assistant, or nanny.
  • An excellent income source that will allow you to live comfortably in another country
  • Learn about other cultures and ways of life
  • Work at schools, colleges, businesses, or privately
  • Part-time opportunities and full-time opportunities available

What should you look for in a TEFL Course?

When looking for a TEFL course, you may like to find one that provides 120 hours of training as a minimum. Accreditation and government-regulated courses ensure the quality and legitimacy of the course. It’s also advantageous to gain some teaching practice with the TEFL course you decide to do.

To get your career started on the right footing, you will need to select a TEFL course that will get you to where you want to be (hopefully listening to the sea waves on some tropical island sipping a sweet cocktail, am I right?!)

Unfortunately, there are some bad TEFL courses out there. Some TEFL courses make untrue claims or have many hidden costs. Some even have fake accreditation from an independent organization, but rather, their own internal organization! This is indeed a shady practice.

This is why you must be careful when selecting your TEFL course, make sure it meets your training requirements and covers all the legalities that you would expect it to have. It does not have to be expensive, but don’t go looking at Groupon courses out there and expect miracles!


Don’t know if the TEFLPros is right for you? This guide will help you!

What is The TEFLPros?

The TEFLPros provides training for those who would like to become English language teachers.

Unlike the big globalized TEFL companies out there, The TEFLPros is home to the 120hour TEFL course. On completing this course, graduates receive a TEFL certificate and are free to apply to ESL jobs online and abroad.

They pride themselves in being female-owned and operated while providing a fully affordable and high-quality course.

Is the TEFLPros Legit?

The TEFLPros is a legit yet relatively new company dating back to 2016. The founders, Jos, has traveled to over forty countries teaching ESL abroad, and Whitney, is a TEFL-qualified teacher and teacher trainer, having over ten years of teaching experience as an expat.

The TEFLPros have received tremendous feedback and praise for their course, with a 99% rating from more than 70 alumni on the GoOverseas website and highly recommended and reviewed on sites like Goabroad and Best College Reviews.

The TEFLPros does not have that company-like feel; in fact, the two TEFLPros founders have featured on many parts of the website and the course, giving it that personal experience that students might be looking for in a course.

Who can take the TEFLPros course?

The TEFLPros welcomes native and non-native speakers to apply.

You do not need a degree to take a TEFL course, teach online or teach abroad; however, it helps in the job search. There are still plenty of jobs out there, as ESL teachers are in high demand.

Non-native English teachers have also found a job without any issues. 

The TEFLPros recommend taking this course on condition teachers have a minimum C2 (CEFR) standard level of English, or a 7.5 IELTS score as a minimum before taking this course.

What will you learn?

If you take The TEFLPros 120-hour TEFL certificate, you can expect to learn about the following:

  • The Roles of Teachers and Students
  • Lesson Planning for Receptive Skills
  • Lesson Planning for Speaking
  • Lesson Planning for Writing
  • Lesson Planning for the First Day
  • Classroom Management
  • Teacher-Student Interaction
  • Grammar Review
  • Lesson Planning for the Last Day
  • Other Considerations (Classroom materials, grading, etc.)

Each of the ten modules includes a module quiz and portfolio assignment, which allows the participant to put their learning into practice.

When teachers have completed all the modules and the portfolio assignments, they can submit them to be graded.

This course also provides 17 hours of in-classroom observation videos to show teachers what it is actually like in a class led by qualified TEFL teachers.

Benefits of The TEFLPros Course

If you decide to do this TEFL course, you get these benefits:

  1. Internationally accredited: Their course is accredited by ACCREDITAT, an independent body based in the UK. 
  2. Teach Anywhere: Teach anywhere in the world, without needing any other language.
  3. Interview Prep: personal and online TEFL tutor support via Zoom
  4. Lifetime Job Support: Jo and Whitney promise lifetime support to all qualified graduates, so they can answer any questions about TEFL long after you’ve completed the course
  5. Job Access: TEFLPros have partnerships with vetted schools globally
  6. 2-Day Free Trial: 3 hours of training video and 16-hours of multimedia content included for free
  7. A Professional Portfolio: The work you complete does not go to waste! The professional portfolio you submit as the final exam can also be shown to employers.
  8. Bonus Materials: Activity book, interview, and resume guide provided with the TEFL course. Hard copy and electrical copy of the certificate also included.


TEFLPros is accredited by ACCREDITAT, an independent body based in the UK. ACCREDITAT is registered and verified under the UK Register of Learning Providers.

120-Hour Course

120-hours is the minimum number of hours that you should be looking for in a TEFL course. The TEFLPro provides a 120-hours digital TEFL, which includes text documents, worksheets, assignments, and plenty of videos. 

Teach Anywhere

The TEFLPros course’s idea is that they give you the training essential to help you deliver effective lesson plans no matter where you go. Teachers learn from video training from experienced and qualified trainers that enable them to work in all environments.

Job Assistance

The TEFLPros gives expert advice and access to job opportunities with vetted schools, which is one less worry for students once they graduate.

TEFL graduates are qualified to apply for paid or volunteer job positions abroad. They are said to provide lifetime job support.

2-Day Free Trial

TEFLPros provides a two-day free trial that is risk free, so those interested can try before they buy. The trial includes a mix of content to help you get a good feel for the course.

Professional Teaching Portfolio

While you may not have any teaching experience just yet, a professional teaching portfolio might help you when you apply and land your first teaching job—having a portfolio of work to showcase or use for class can help you plan better lessons from the onset.

Disadvantages of The TEFLPros

Of course, every course has its downsides.

Only One Kind of Course

They seem to have just one type of TEFL certification available; that is the 120-hour certificate. As this is not a big company, they don’t offer multiple variations of TEFL courses. This means they might not have what everyone is looking for.

Online Only

Many TEFL courses are now based online, and the TEFLPros is no exception. While you want to get teaching practice, the TEFLPros does give access to eighteen hours of real teaching video footage and lesson planning, which is part of the “practical” element of the course.

TEFLPro Review: Is The TEFLPro Worth Buying?

This course has received genuine, glowing praise from its TEFL community of teachers.

It seems as though reviewers felt they got to know Jos and Whitney on a personal level with the professional classroom footage and video that accompanies each lesson module.

The course prepares teachers by focusing on lesson planning and giving them the resources they need to feel confident entering the classroom for the first time.

This course might resonate with those who don’t want to feel like just another number doing a TEFL course at a large company.

It’s also easy to communicate with the team and make sure they can answer any questions you have before you even consider joining the course.

In Conclusion

That concludes our TEFLPros review.

The TEFLPros provides a good opportunity for English speakers to become qualified TEFL teachers. TEFL graduates often get well-paid jobs teaching online or abroad.

What is your experience with The TEFLPros? Leave your comment below!

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