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Tes, formerly known as Two Sigmas, is a recruiting agency for schools and teachers. Teachers can register to find jobs and resources in the ESL industry. They connect teachers with international jobs all over the world.

Teachers can fill their teaching experience and view jobs that match their qualifications.


Tes works with over 25000 schools in more than 100 countries. Tes connects teachers to schools worldwide and is always looking for teachers who can fill in-person and online teaching positions. The job descriptions and work requirements can vary.

Instead of working as a teacher at Tes, they will be connecting you to some of their partner schools globally. The great thing about applying to a school with Tes is that you only have to create one application, and you can use that to apply to all the schools you want to work for.

How to Apply for Jobs at Tes

You can browse their range of international jobs here.

Teachers can create a profile with a CV and apply to the vacancies they are interested in. They can also manage their preferences, such as salary and subject, to filter for jobs that are the best match for their role.

Tes Job Locations

They have part-time and full-time positions available, and you can quickly sort job positions by location. Teachers can find jobs in Dubai, Canada, Australia, Thailand, China, and many other countries worldwide. Teachers can also sort by the type of position they want, for example, teaching assistant or director.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Create job alerts to see more jobs when they become available. 

If you are interested in working with Tes, the company, you can check out their own positions they have available here.

Fill in Your Teaching Application

Fill in your teaching application to be matched with job opportunities that suit you. Your CV or resume experience is also available to other schools.

Tes will also use your information to contact you personally if they think they’ve found a job that suits your interests and experience.

Schools will also be able to contact applicants they are interested in hiring via e-mail.

By submitting your preferences and checking that you are currently open to job opportunities, schools will be able to see the following information:

  • Basic information
  • Education experience
  • Teaching experience
  • Employment history
  • Additional skills
  • Job preferences
  • Teacher training
  • Site activity
  • Referees

Ideal Candidate Requirements

While Tes (Two Sigmas) caters to all companies, the ideal ESL candidate should have:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher 
  2. Hold a TEFL certificate or teaching license.
  3. Proficient in English
  4. References and criminal background check
  5. Some teaching experience preferred

They hire native and non-native speakers for teaching positions. There are some positions marked as suitable for NQT (Newly Qualified Teachers). As there is a large candidate pool, however, it could be competitive when applying.

How much does Tes pay?

It’s hard to determine the pay, as all companies have different pay scales. Most companies list the salary as “competitive.” You can check their job description for further information about bonuses or incentives they offer to their teachers, such as flight allowances and accommodation.


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Courses for International Teaching

Tes also have qualifications and courses for international teaching to improve your skills to become a teacher. They have programs for:

  • iPGCE
  • International Teaching Practice
  • National Professional Qualifications (NPQ)
  • Straight to Teaching Programme
  • Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE)
  • High-Quality Teaching (CPD)
  • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
  • Lessons in Teaching Management

See a full list of their courses and offerings.

Lesson Resources

Tes also has thousands of resources to share with their teachers to create fun and engaging lessons. A teacher has access to phonics, literacy, math, and other subjects on a subscription basis.

Check out their 900,000 teaching resources.

In Conclusion

Tes is a legitimate company and we hope we’ve clarified any questions you’ve had about this recruitment agency.

Tes seems like an excellent website for finding the perfect teaching job. There is an abundance of jobs available for teachers. Sign up to find out more. Best of luck with your job applications!

If you are interested in online ESL teaching, check out our job opportunities.

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