Sibling Demands More Inheritance Money As Grandma’s Shares Soar in Value

Two brothers received $15,000 in shares, and one of them cashed out to buy a car. Now the shares have skyrocketed in value, and the sibling wants more.

They Each Received a Portfolio of Shares

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According to the user’s original post, their grandmother initially set aside a portfolio of shares for each sibling when the brother was age 16 and the younger was 4.

At the time, the investment portfolios were worth $15,000, respectively. Only four years later, the older brother sold most of his shares and purchased a new Honda.

The Investment Portfolio Grew

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Conversely, the younger sibling opted to let their share portfolio mature over time.

“By the time I was given full control, it was already worth a ridiculous amount because a big portion of it was invested in Apple,” they explained. “Dad drilled it into me to leave it to grow until I’m forty-something.”

He Benefited From The Dividends

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Since the value of the share portfolio had multiplied over the years, the original poster relied on dividends as a financial safety net.

He enjoyed traveling and used the extra income to fund multiple moves across state lines: “I’ve lived in four states by my own choice, and I want to move and take in more before I settle down if I ever do.”

His Sibling Wanted a Share in His Newfound Wealth

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“I don’t talk much with my brother, he’s done some stupid things to the family over the years, and I didn’t really grow up with him,” clarified this Redditor, who wrote in a legal advice forum under the username u/camarthe.

Unfortunately, this estrangement did not give the older brother pause before sending a letter threatening to sue his sibling for half the current value of the user’s investment portfolio.

They Wanted To Take Him to Court

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“[My brother’s] new girlfriend works in law though,” the user told fellow Redditors. “I’ve received a formal letter from them both that the investments my grandmother made were designed to be for both of us to use, not just for me alone.” 

“They want half of the value of mine now,” they continued, and added the final offense: “His girlfriend has informed me if I don’t give them access, then the legal fees and fines would eat up my half, and I’d be left with nothing.”

What Should He Do?

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Concerned, the younger sibling wrote in the legal advice forum: “How likely is it they’ll win and leave me with nothing? As far as I know, there was no paperwork or will, just my grandmother’s word.”

Although the grandmother set up the portfolios, she entrusted their dad to oversee the shares and hand over access when the siblings were old enough.

Everything pertaining to the younger sibling’s inheritance—trading accounts, bank accounts, and shares—was now under their name.

The Commenters Shared Their Thoughts


In the comments, a California lawyer stepped in to reassure the user that their older brother had no legal grounds to sue.

For one, if there was a trust, then their father had acted as trustee and distributed the inheritance accordingly when each sibling came of age.

The trust, and the purpose for which it was created, would be dissolved, and the statute of limitations to claim damages had long expired.

“I’m not even sure what he can sue you for. There is no longer a trust,” the commenter wrote. “Sleep well; he cannot take your share.”

The Grandmother’s Instructions Were Straightforward

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An update three months later soon confirmed this to be the case. Though there was no legal trust, the original poster explained that their grandmother had personally set up the brother’s accounts and granted him control while she was still alive.

After her death, the grandmother left the bulk of her wealth to her son, with instructions to bestow the younger grandchild with a portfolio worth the current-day equivalent of the brother’s portion of shares. 

The Dad Had Cut Him Off Financially

old father

In response to the brother’s letter, the Redditor spoke to their father and hired a lawyer. “Dad admitted to me he’d chewed out my brother last year when he came to him asking for money,” they revealed.

After supporting the older brother through multiple financial problems through the years, their dad decided to cut him off. When their dad used the original user as an example of fiscal responsibility, the brother realized that the younger sibling’s shares had grown significantly.

The Girlfriend Was Fired

girl fired from job

However, neither sibling would have a chance to battle in court. The brother’s girlfriend was fired from her post as a legal secretary, as she had written the letter misrepresenting herself as a higher-up at the law firm.

Her former employers apologized for her actions and terminated her contract immediately.

The Brother Asked Him For Cash To Get Out of Debt

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The following week, the brother visited the user to beg for cash.

“His girlfriend is in serious debt, and she took a chance on scamming cash from me and lost,” wrote the younger sibling.

“If [it wasn’t] an amount well into five figures, I might have given him some. The next morning, I found all my tires had been slashed. Screw him; I don’t feel bad anymore.”

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