The TEFL Institute of Ireland Review (+Discount Code Inside!)

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The TEFL Institute of Ireland is an Irish-based TEFL provider and a globally recognized certificate that qualifies its students to teach the English language.

In this TEFL Institute of Ireland review, we will break down everything you need to know before taking the course.

Why get a TEFL certificate?

  • Enables anyone who is fluent in English to teach the language
  • English is the most studied language in the world and continues to grow, according to market trends 
  • Great potential income source, with job opportunities for native and native-like speakers of English
  • Teach and travel, with job vacancies in over 100 countries
  • Teach online and work flexibly from home
  • An enjoyable and fulfilling career

What should you look for in a TEFL Course?

  • 120 hours of training and courseware (minimum)
  • Accreditation from an independent recognized organization
  • Suitably qualified teacher trainers who can answer your questions and help prepare you for teaching
  • Job assistance and support after you become certified
  • Assessed teaching practice is an advantage

There are many courses out there, but so much questionable information on the subject. Finding a high-quality course is an important starting point in your career as an ESL teacher.

Not all TEFL courses are appropriately accredited by an independent body or provide the valuable learning experience they advertise. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do your research and make sure the TEFL course is all that it claims to be.

For example, you can make sure your TEFL course is level-5 by asking for a link to the Register of Regulated Qualifications. Do your research!

What is The TEFL Institute of Ireland?

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is a trusted and globally recognized company that provides training for those who would like to become English language teachers.

They have a wide range of TEFL courses to choose from, suitable for everyone looking for entry-level jobs to high-demand specialization. They also hold TEFL courses across Ireland; however, this has been temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus.

Their fast-track courses help students earn their certification in as little as two weeks. The site also features level-5 TEFL Courses, which take longer to complete but offer an edge in the competitive job market.

Who can take the TEFL Institute of Ireland course?

The TEFL Institute of Ireland welcomes native and non-native speakers to apply.

While degree holders have the most options in terms of where they can teach abroad, non-degree holders can teach in over fifty countries and online, so there are still some wonderful opportunities.

Non-native teachers have also found a job without any issues. Non-native speakers must have a minimum IELTS 6.5 score. The TEFL Institute of Ireland allows you to test your English level on the site to ensure that you are eligible to take the course.

English Test

What will you learn?

Learning experiences vary, depending on the course you choose to do. If you choose the Level-5 180-hour Government Regulated TEFL course, you can expect to learn:

  • Principles of Teaching EFL
  • Understanding and Teaching English Grammar
  • Teaching English Vocabulary
  • Teaching Speaking and Writing
  • Teaching Reading and Listening
  • Materials and Teaching Aids
  • Teaching English Pronunciation
  • Creating Lesson Plans
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Other Resources

What are The TEFL Institute programs?

If you want to save money and start your teaching career now, you may want to take up their paid jobs and internships.

The TEFL Institute offers many packages for teachers who wish to get certified and begin their careers as soon as possible.

Paid TEFL Internships

Teachers can go to Europe or Asia and learn on the job by completing a TEFL internship. This allows teachers to relocate while getting the price of a TEFL course for free.

They usually offer various internship packages, such as accommodation assistance, health insurance, and a monthly allowance.

This is one way of earning your TEFL certificate for free, but your monthly earnings may not be as high as it is an internship position.

TEFL Funding

Another benefit of The TEFL Institute of Ireland is that they offer to fund those who want to take the TEFL course and are still in education or unemployed.

To avail of the 10% discount, you should add the word FUNDING as a discount code when checking out.

They may ask for proof of student or unemployment status.

TEFL Jobs — Paid

The TEFL Institute of Ireland can also set up graduates with a paid job abroad. The locations mentioned include Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Spain.

TEFL Training is usually included.

Benefits of The TEFL Institute Course

If you decide to do the level-5 course, you get these benefits:

  • Internationally accredited: Their level-5 Ofqual course is a UK government-regulated teaching certificate, which is the same level as a CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL qualification, but a fraction of the price.
  • Competitive Jobs: with a level-5 qualification, you have access to the most competitive jobs globally. 
  • Teach Anywhere: Teach almost anywhere in the world, without needing any other language.
  • Tutor Support: personal and online TEFL tutor support via Zoom
  • Job Hunting Advice: expert advice and access to their TEFL jobs board
  • Flexible study schedule: complete the course at your own pace within six months
  • No Expiry Date: Your TEFL certificate does not expire so there is no pressure to find a job immediately after its completion
  • Money-Back Guarantee: no-risk course as you can get your money back within 14 days if you are not satisfied.

Level-5 Certification

The TEFL Institute of Ireland provides a level-5 qualification, which is the same level as a CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL.

This is equivalent to a foundation degree or diploma and passes the UK government’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RFQ).


The TEFL Institute of Ireland is accredited by Ofqual (UK government department), TQUK (Training Qualifications UK), and ACDL (Accreditation Council for Distance Learning).

180-Hour Course

All regulated Level-5 courses are at least +150 hours.

The TEFL Institute of Ireland courses provide a 180-hour course as a minimum.

This helps their students stand out in the competitive teaching marketplace and secure the best jobs.

According to the course page, it takes at least 8-10 weeks to complete the 180-hour course.

Internationally Recognized

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is internationally recognized with its former students working around the globe. Teach anywhere English is demanded, such as China, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand.

Some students even consider teaching ESL online. This is suitable for those who want the flexibility to work from home or travel.

Job Assistance

The TEFL Institute of Ireland gives expert advice and free access to their job boards, which is one less thing for graduates to worry about.

TEFL graduates are qualified to apply for paid job positions or can also take volunteer opportunities.

Tutor Support

The TEFL Institute of Ireland provides its student with personal and online tutor support. The trainers answer all the questions the students may have, from assessments to job hunting.

Virtual Teaching Practice

While their classroom courses have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, there are still opportunities to gain some classroom training in their combined courses via Zoom.

If you decide to purchase the hybrid TEFL courses, you will get the teaching practice you need to stand out. While some of the TEFL courses’ contents are delivered on the internet, the rest is completed with expert TEFL teachers on Zoom.

This small group teaching practice will help you understand how a typical class is run and feel confident in the classroom.

Disadvantages of The TEFL Institute of Ireland

Of course, every course has its downsides.

Six Months Deadline

Those who sign up for the course need to complete it within six months, which may not be enough time for everyone.

This is why the courses give a rough time estimate to their completion to help you stay prepared. If you leave all the work until the last minute, you likely won’t get the course completed on time.

Luckily, most courses can be completed with two months. You can also pay to extend the course.

The Difference Between the Courses isn’t Very Clear

Besides the fact that some courses are longer than others, it is not very clear what additional benefits the courses offer—a clearly laid out table with each courses’ features and the differences between them would be beneficial.

The main difference between the accredited and government regulated courses is that the government-regulated is a level 5 course, which helps you stand out in the job market and seize the higher-paying jobs.

The Price

The courses can be quite expensive, with the most expensive course costing 1000 USD roughly; however, they seem to have some sales on occasion, so you may be able to grab the course at a lower price. You can also use our discount to reduce the price further– tefl10.

Is The TEFL Institute of Ireland Worth Buying?

The TEFL Institue of Ireland provides highly-accredited courses that enable teachers to break from their current job and move abroad to a different country. 

This offers amazing opportunities to travel the world while still getting paid.

However, the course doesn’t suit everyone. Those who wish to complete the course need to be willing to learn and determined to complete the course, which may take several weeks.

Be patient, do a little always, and you will pass the course with flying colors! 

While there are some fast-track or quick-fix TEFL courses, the government-regulated level 5 courses are worth more for those who want to earn a potentially higher salary.

What if you only want to teach online?

If you want to teach online, The TEFL Institute of Ireland recommends their 120 hour TEFL training. If you want to specialize in a specific area of online teaching, you can add a course such as:

  • Teach Young Learners Course
  • Teach Business English Course
  • One of the Exam Preparation Courses

Course Discounts and Coupon Codes

We have partnered with The TEFL Institute of Ireland to provide a 10% discount on their courses!

  • Click here and choose a course
  • Click “Enroll Now”
  • Enter the discount code tefl10 at checkout (no spaces)
  • The new price will be clearly displayed in the basket
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The TEFL Institute of Ireland Discount Code

View The TEFL Institute of Ireland courses below:

In Conclusion

That concludes our TEFL Institute of Ireland review.

The TEFL Institute of Ireland provides a good opportunity for English speakers to become qualified TEFL teachers. TEFL graduates often get well-paid jobs teaching online or abroad.

What is your experience with The TEFL Institute of Ireland? Leave your comment below!

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