The Worst Scandals To Happen at Schools We Can’t Believe Are Real

Schools often provide an environment to nurture and develop young minds; they are meant to be safe places for learning. However, there have been scandals over the years that have rocked the educational world and caused much disruption. From teachers getting caught in inappropriate relationships with students to cheating scandals involving exam results, here are some of the worst scandals ever to happen at schools.

While some of these cases have been handled swiftly and efficiently, others still linger in the memory of those who were affected by them. Read on to find out more about some of the worst scandals that Redditors have experienced at their schools.

Trigger Warning


Some readers may find these scandals upsetting or disturbing. While we do not go into too much detail, there is mention of death, suicide, s*xual violence, and murder.

The Student’s Chlorine Bomb

chlorine flame

At one school, a student decided to create a chlorine bomb. As soon as it was thrown in the trash can during lunchtime, a lockdown was initiated, and the bomb squad took over. Unfortunately, every single student and faculty member had to wait for two hours or more in scorching 95° weather until their parents showed up to collect their kids.

The Teachers Hot Tub Club

hot tub

At one school, a scandal was uncovered involving some of the faculty members and an exclusive club known as the ‘hot tub club.’ It was revealed that each week, these teachers with hot tubs would host a gathering where they all got intoxicated and engaged in swinging parties, according to the user. Eventually, this club was discovered by one of their spouses, which caused many of the members to leave the school.

The Affair Turned Murder Scene

woman going to prison

According to one user, a teacher, who supposedly had an affair with a student, was arrested and released on bail. In a turn of events, she emailed the other teachers to say it wasn’t an affair, that the student forced himself upon her, and that she was blackmailed by the student. She even attached screenshots of the texts.

“Later that day, she murdered her husband and committed suicide,” the commenter said.

Student Expelled for Sending an E-Mail Threat to President Clinton

president clinton

A student at a certain school was expelled after sending an email threat to the White House, threatening to kill President Clinton’s pet cat, Socks. After tracking down the computer that was used to send the email, Secret Service agents arrived at the school a few days later. The student responsible for sending the message was immediately removed from campus.

Image: Joseph Sohm, Shutterstock. Link to the news story at the end of the article.

Student Death in Front of The Teacher

child drowns

A student in PE class was playing a game with his friends in the water, trying to see who could hold their breath the longest. Unfortunately, one student hit his head on the pointy part of the gutter when going up for air, and never resurfaced.

His friends and even the teacher didn’t immediately notice, but it was eventually noticed by some football players coming back to the locker rooms. Sadly, the student ended up dying, and the teacher was fired, though the commenter felt that the school was to blame for having only one adult supervising over sixty students.

The Student’s Threat Resulted in a State Police Search

school shooter

A student in the 4th or 5th grade wrote a threatening message in the bathroom at their middle school, warning people not to attend school that Friday or “I will bang bang.

This led to an investigation by both county and state police, who searched everyone’s lockers for firearms, and everyone’s classes were canceled for the day.

The Overachieving Student Went Nuts

smart young student

An overachieving student in one commenter’s year exhibited erratic behavior, where they defecated into a teacher’s bag and attempted to climb up trees.

Despite the initially high expectations, the student did not end up skipping years in school and going on to university early like was expected of them.

The Drugdealer Who Didn’t Want to Get Caught

students drugdealing

A student in middle school sold marijuana to another student who foolishly smoked it within the school building. The seller, not wanting to get caught, pulled the fire alarm. As a result, everyone was sent home.

Hidden Cameras in the Bathroom

hidden camera

One user, when in elementary school, was shocked to find out that the principal had been arrested for installing hidden cameras in the bathroom. The principal’s actions were seen as intrusive and caused distrust and dismay among both students and faculty.

Teenage Pregnancy Turns Dark

teen pregnancy shame

“(A) Student hid pregnancy from her parents. She ended up giving birth at home and killed the baby,” one person said.

120 Smartphones Stolen

teacher takes students phone

At a middle school, the principal required students to turn in their phones for the day. Unfortunately, 120 of these phones ended up being stolen from the office where they were being kept.

Cheating Scandals

wife catches cheating husband

“When the religion teacher cheated on her husband with the math teacher,” one user said.

S*x With Minors

touching inappropriately

Unfortunately, these stories in the comments section were not uncommon but came out in the end.

One user claimed the principal slept with a student, and his distasteful text messages were leaked.

Brutal Death

hearing shocking news

According to one commenter, one senior in the short story class in Michigan was charged with the brutal murder of a friend and drug dealer.

The teacher came into the classroom in tears after hearing the news. Later, students found out what had happened, and the friend of the commenter was involved as a witness during the trial, as they worked at a hardware store where materials for the murder had been purchased.

Brutal Death

parent crying

One user shared a brutal death story from the 1980s, saying that their friend and co-captain of the soccer team brutally murdered his parents; his mom being an English teacher at the school.

Another user shared the story of two local girls who were killed by the caretaker, and their bodies were hidden in the school. The caretaker attempted to use the clay kiln to burn their bodies but was unsuccessful. Eventually, he disposed of the bodies a few miles away from the school.

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These stories are a reminder of the scandals that take place in schools and how important it is for students, teachers, and staff to remain vigilant. While some of these stories may seem like jokes, others were very dark and tragic.

What was the worst scandal to happen in your school? Let us know in the comments section!

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