10 Very Inappropriate Things Teachers Said in Front of Students Revealed

Unfortunately, bad behavior isn’t limited to students. Teachers can sometimes display inappropriate and even cruel behaviors while in the classroom. Redditors share the worst things teachers have said in front of their class.

1. My Name is Harry Balls

teacher doesnt want to listen

One user recounted the story of how a substitute teacher in their school wrote his name on the board and announced that he would give them three minutes to laugh at it before getting down to work.

His name was, unfortunately, “Harry Balls.”

2. Using the Classmate’s Father’s Death As an Example to Teach a Lesson

strict teacher

One user remembered how a classmate’s father had recently died in a motorcycle accident, having gone into a corner too fast and crashed into a tree.

A couple of days later, the physics teacher decided to use this tragic event as an example for their lesson on the dangers of acceleration— “speed doesn’t kill you; acceleration does.”

The class was horrified by the teacher’s insensitivity towards their grieving classmate.

3. Stop Jerking Off!

annoyed teacher

A user remembered a time when their biology class was full of students fooling around and not doing their work. The professor, who was likely in her late twenties, became frustrated with the class and yelled, “You all stop jerking off!”

This embarrassing moment caused the professor to turn red in shame as she realized what she had just said to a room full of 16-17-year-olds. It was apparently quite an amusing scene.

4. Sit On My Lap

math teacher

One user remembered a time when the English teacher told the class that for his 30th birthday, he wanted two 15-year-old girls to come and sit on his lap.

It was unclear why he thought this would be appropriate or what effect it would have on the students he named. The class was understandably uncomfortable with the suggestion.

5. I Will Hit You

teacher writing with chalk

One user recalled the experience of having a new teacher in their class at the start of the year. On his first day, he made it clear that any loud noise would be met with punishment by him hitting them with the chalk.

Though some students found this amusing, they soon realized how serious he was as he followed through on his warning more than once.

“He never missed,” the user commented.

6. Your Parents Named You This?

teacher staring

The user remembered a moment when their teacher read out their name and then looked at them in surprise, asking if their parents had actually named them that.

7. They Drove Me to Drink

angry teacher

The user recalled the time their art teacher was caught drinking on campus.

After a student from the previous period reported her, the vice principal came to take her away, and as she went down the hallway, they heard her yell, “THEY DROVE ME TO DRINK!”

8. Now He’s Gonna Punch You in The Head

teacher giving class

The user recalled a time in their history class when a student punched the person in front of them in the back of the head.

The teacher saw this and said that they were all going to sit there and watch him punch him back in the head, as there was nothing they could do about it.

9. This is What I Told Your Mom Last Night

confused male teacher

One user remembered how a student had a tendency to talk over the teacher during the lesson.

One particular morning, after parents’ night, a student was talking out of turn yet again, and the teacher remarked that it was exactly what he had been saying to the student’s mother last night.

This caused the class to erupt into laughter while the teacher blushed at the implications, and the student stopped talking in class after that.

10. I’m In an Open Polyamorous Relationship

smiling teacher

A user shared the story of 9th-grade students making a hurtful comment about their 7th-grade teacher’s love life.

To set the record straight, the teacher informed his 7th-grade class that he was married to someone ten years younger than him and that they were in an open, polyamorous relationship.

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mad teacher

Teachers can sometimes let slip some uncomfortable, awkward, and inappropriate remarks in the classroom— from insensitive comments about death to shocking revelations about their love life.

These examples show just how much teachers need to be careful with their words, as they are one of the most influential figures in students’ lives.

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