13 Things Everyone Should Know How to Repair

In today’s modern world, you may be tempted to rely on the repair person for everything. However, picture this: your light bulb goes off in the middle of the night. What do you do next?

Things You Should Know How to Fix

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Whether you’re a parent or student, you should master how to fix regular items. Not only does it save the day, but it also conserves your money. 

Here are some things everyone should know how to repair: 

1. Flickering Light Bulbs

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Flickering light bulbs is a common household issue. Usually, your light bulb only needs some tightening. Remember to turn off the power source before inspecting. 

Tip – Keep an unused bulb at home. 

2. Flat Tires

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Whether it’s your child’s bike or your spouse’s car, knowing how to repair a flat tire is essential for everyone, especially travelers. 

This skill will save you from being stranded, So take a lesson or two.

3. Leaky Faucets 

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There’s nothing more annoying than the constant drip drip sound of leaky sinks. Although it may seem difficult to grasp, there’s nothing a few YouTube videos can’t solve. 

Now, go save some water. 

4. Broken Buttons

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They say every stitch tells a story. If your favorite cardigan or shirt loses a button, don’t throw it in the donation box yet. 

Learn how to sew back a button that will tell a story on your shirt. The best part? It’s cheap, quick, and feels like a little accomplishment.

5. Jumpstarting a Car 

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No, this is not because you watched the Fast and Furious franchise. Whether you own a car or not, this skill can save a life. 

Everyone should know how to jumpstart a car battery. You’ll need to practice and be ready to get a bit dirty, but it’s worth it. Remember, practice makes perfect!

6. Wall Holes

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So maybe a friend tripped and hit your wall, or something happened, and now you have a hole in the wall. 

Don’t fret because it doesn’t take much time to patch up those tiny holes. You can even add some touch-up paint for extra pizazz. 

7. Jiggly Doorknobs 

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A jiggly doorknob is not so much of a problem, but it sure is annoying. Well, your sufferings are over. 

You only need some duct tape to enhance the knob fit. Also, consider getting a few tools to tighten the inner screws. 

8. Broken Toys

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Children’s toys often get worn out because of playing, but you can make them last longer. If the toy is broken, like Humpty Dumpty, use glue to put it together again. If it’s loose, tighten the screws. 

Doing these things doesn’t just keep the toys in shape, but it also shows children the importance of taking care of their stuff. 

9. Loose Cabinet Handles

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It’s easy to improve the appearance of your home or workplace. If you notice loose cabinet handles or doorknobs, a screwdriver and a good eye for detail can fix that. 

Snug cabinet handles make a big difference in how your space looks. 

10. Changing Your Car Oil

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While changing your car oil may seem complicated, it’s nothing you can’t learn. Start by collecting the needed tools like an oil filter wrench, an oil drain pan, a socket set, and a funnel. 

Changing your car oil is badass, and you also get to save some money. I’m sure learning will take time, but you can do it!

11. Removing Scratches From Paint

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Glitches like paint scratches can affect the aesthetic of your home. Luckily, you can DIY instead of calling a painter. 

This task can be time-consuming, so set a time to paint over your wall scratches. The best part is you can do it with friends. 

12. Unclogging a Toilet

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Toilet clogs can be messy and embarrassing. Instead of panicking, you can fix it yourself. 

All you need is a plunger, bucket, and hot water. I bet you’d be glad to leave that messy situation on your own. 

13. Unsticking a Window

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On a sunny day, you try to open your windows and enjoy the fresh air. However, this moment reaches a downside quickly because your windows refuse to budge. 

Spraying some lubricant along the window skids should do the trick. Then, wipe with a rag and resume having your beautiful day. 

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