How a Three-Day Work Week Reshapes UK University Life

De Montford University in Leicester has started with this new concept of a three-day work week, and students have been appreciative.

University students have usually struggled to begin working part-time because their schedules typically don’t allow them to have ample time.

The vice Chancellor believes this new concept is not only going to help students with working part-time but will also make them more focused and determined towards their educational degree.

Higher Cost Of living

There’s no denying that the cost of living crisis has been on the rise ever since COVID times.

To cope with it, students have been trying to work part-time, but with a tight university schedule, it wasn’t quite possible.

This led to an increase in stress levels for students that eventually showed up in their performances overall.

Nick Hillman, the Director of Higher Education Policy, stated “The increase in the proportion of students who feel compelled to do so many hours of paid employment that their studies may suffer is a particularly acute challenge.”

Sufficient examples of struggling students with the increasing cost of living led authorities to make this major decision to allow students to work part-time without affecting their studies.

Cost of living in the UK for international students

When we talk about international students, the cost of living goes way up. An average student has to cover expenses that include accommodation, bills, and groceries, to name a few.

Without having any dependents, international students are compelled to work part-time to meet the expenses.

The average cost of living can go up to 12000-15000 pounds per year.

The struggle

Many international students would struggle with their necessities since there is no time for them to work part-time. Working late hours was seemingly the only option that visibly affected performance on campus.

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Authorities had been thinking and planning on this change in the timetable, but pilot testing was the only thing taking time. People rely on part-time jobs, and this had to be taken under notice.

“Compact-timetables” have been introduced in many universities in the UK now. Rather than studying four modules at a time, the idea is to compress the timetables and make it into one module for seven weeks.

This change in timetables was tested by the board of higher studies and implemented in the Fall.

Small Changes Yield Great Results

Having fewer days to attend the university also helps students cut down on the cost of traveling to the university campus and save up for other expenses.

Students have appreciated the idea of condensed lectures, and the university authorities mention a remarkable performance difference.

Universities are also trying to help students plan to make it easier for them to work part-time. This considerable change in the university timetables has made life a lot easier for students when it comes to financial management.

Feedback from students

To ensure the workability of this three-day-week idea, an internal survey at Leicester University was conducted, where the students were asked to give feedback on how this change was helpful for them.

The overall consensus was that students were a lot happier and could continue their professional journey now that the schedules had not been redesigned, showing a 10% increase in happiness compared to those who didn’t have a compact-timetable. Time will tell if this really works.

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