6 Popular Large Tote Bags for Teachers

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Let’s face it; teachers have a lot of items to haul about day by day. The last thing we want is to buy a small tote bag which can’t fit our binders and laptop. Bulky stationary causes wear and tear, and it takes no time before we are buying a new one!

If you don’t have a rolling cart for all your supplies, a good alternative is a teacher tote bag.

So what are some of the best tote bags for teachers that are fashionable yet affordable?

Best Tote Bags for Teachers

We will now look at some of the most popular tote bags and see which one is most suitable for our needs!

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1. 30L SnapBasket LUXE – Heavy Duty Large Structured Tote: For All Your Essentials

One of the best-rated tote bags on Amazon, let’s take a look at the Snapbasket.

You can choose from the add-on features, such as a shoulder strap and insulation, before making your decision on which tote bag to purchase.

It has extra-long handles and a zippered pocket inside the bag for storing valuables.

While this bag is great in size, what makes this bag unique is its foldable design, and you can actually collapse its height to about one inch when you are not using it. 

It is 18.5” in length and 11.75” in width and height. It is stronger than it looks and can hold up to 30lbs. 

This can be used for holding teaching gear, groceries, gym equipment, and more. Put in everything you need for the day and get going!


  • Sturdy with long, leather-like straps
  • Massive storage and weight capacity
  • Collapsible and easy to store


  • There is only a pocket on one side, which can weigh the bag down and cause it to topple over.
  • Doesn’t have a wired frame on the sides, which causes them to droop.
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2. Pursetti Organizing Utility Tote Bag: Value for Money

Another hugely popular tote bag for teachers is this pretty organizer. It can be purchased in a medium or large size, but we recommend the large size for teachers.

The bag offers eight exterior and five interior pockets, plus a main compartment for everything else. The pockets can hold quite large items. One teacher was able to hold a first aid kit in the pocket (about the size of a spiral notebook) to give you an idea of the size.

Users claim the bag is more robust and higher quality than Thirty-One brand totes, but for a fraction of the price.


  • Users receive compliments for its look and design.
  • Holds up well for teachers who need somewhere to put their everyday basics
  • Good quality and can be easily folded if needed.
  • Reviewers say that it has a waterproof covering


  • Smaller than it looks but still lots of space (even for teachers).
  • Some reviewers fear that things will fall out of the side pockets.
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3. Laptop Tote Bag with USB Port: For Laptops No More Than 15.6″

This extra-large laptop tote bag is perfect for teachers who want some organization in their lives, as this bag has over 15 compartments inside.

The bag is waterproof, which will stop your books from getting soggy, and a special laptop compartment for full protection of your most valuable supplies.

What’s unique about this bag is that it has its own USB port, making it a convenient place to charge your phone or other electronic apparatus. However, you must have your own power bank to use this feature. 

This bag has a large capacity, with a length of 16.2”, a width of 6.3”, and a height of 13 inches.

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  • Very roomy 
  • Adjustable and comfortable strap for carrying long distances can be used as a cross-body strap.
  • Great quality and looks like leather


  • Doesn’t always stay upright
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4. 22″ Tote Bag (Zippered): Extra Large Size

This tote bag comes in a range of colors and is made from canvas material that can be easily cleaned.

The heavy-duty tote features double stitching along the bottom and sides, which allows it to withstand heavyweights.

The tote bag is 22” in length, 6 inches in width, and 16 inches in height.

There are no compartments, but it does come with a small pocket that can store mobile phones, keys, or even notepads. 

The top opening has a zipper, but they also have an unzipped version (check the seller’s other items for further details). However, the zipped version might be the best idea to stop things from toppling out and works out at the same price.


  • This bag is sturdy, large and can hold quite a lot of things.
  • Good quality for the price


  • Some argue that the material is not heavy duty but thin cotton.
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5. Large Teacher Tote Bags: For a Personalised Look

This not only makes a perfect tote bag for teachers but an ideal gift for another teacher friend!

There are two styles of this bag; the Tessa and Lexie tote. The main difference is how the pockets and compartments are organized inside the bag.

The bag is fully lined inside and has a 24” handle.

Dimensions: 14.5” X 15” X 5”


  • Makes a really nice gift
  • Have quotes personalized to teachers’ tastes
  • Teachers can fit all their things. 
  • Lightweight but durable


  • Teachers would like more support at the bottom of the bag.
  • Some teachers would prefer if it had thicker canvas material.
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6. Genuine Leather Tote Bag for Women: Long Lasting with Warranty

This genuine leather tote bag is a long-lasting, well-wearing choice for teachers. The straps are also real leather.

The bag has a large capacity and can hold up to a 15.6 inch laptop, along with books and other daily essentials.

The bag has one main pocket and a removable inner zipper pouch.

The bag comes with a one year warranty.


  • Extremely durable material so no worries about wear and tear
  • Excellent communication from seller
  • A unique look that stands out


  • A relatively heavy bag 
  • It doesn’t have pockets

In Conclusion

These are some of the most raved about tote bags on Amazon. They are a great choice for teachers who have a lot of books to carry.

Of course, every teacher’s style and needs are different, so feel free to pick the best type for you. 

These bags are excellent assets for both online and classroom teachers. If you would like to see more things that teachers need, check our useful links below.

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