“Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken” Meaning, Examples and Alternatives

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“Truer words have never been spoken” is an adage that has gained a lot of popularity over time.

There are few phrases that can truly capture the feeling of absolute agreement, quite like “truer words have never been spoken.”

So when can we use this phrase, and what are some alternative expressions? Let’s explore the phrase “truer words have never been spoken” and its meaning in this article.

“Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken,” Meaning

“Truer words have never been spoken” is an adage that has gained a lot of popularity over time. It basically means that the words spoken are true or accurate.

It is an exclamation used to show that you strongly agree with something.

This is a creative and powerful phrase and, when used correctly, makes a strong point. It shows the listener or reader how you feel or thinks about something.

However, this phrase must be used only in specific situations to ensure that it does not lose its impact. You would not say it for a true statement that everyone knows already.

Similar variations of this phrase include:

  • “Truer words were never spoken,”
  • “Never a truer word spoken,”
  • “No truer words have been spoken,”
  • “No truer words were spoken,”

When Can We Use “Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken”?

One thing to keep in mind when using “truer words have never been spoken” is that it is a phrase that should only be reserved for something you strongly agree with.

For example, maybe you heard a quote from the president that invoked strong feelings within you. You could then say “truer words have never been spoken” in response to show just how accurate you believe the statement to be.

You would not use it to describe something everyone knows, like “the sky is blue.” You would not respond with “truer words have never been spoken” because the phrase is used to make a clear point and convey your opinion. It is not used to simply just agree with something that is factual and everyone knows already.

“Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken” Example Sentences

1. “I wholeheartedly agree with the president’s words on climate change – truer words have never been spoken!”

2. “The conference was about inequality in the workplace – truer words have never been spoken!”

3. “The Purple Onion is the best vegan restaurant in the world!” –“Truer words have never been spoken!” (the phrase can also be used in a lighthearted, even humorous way)

Is “truer” grammatically correct?

The internet seems divided on whether or not truer is grammatically correct. However, it is clearly evident from popular dictionaries such as the Collins dictionary and Merriam Webster that truer is the comparative adjective of “true,” and truest is the superlative adjective.

“Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken” Synonyms

There are a few alternative phrases to “truer words have never been spoken” you could use that have a similar meaning:

  • “You couldn’t have said it better.”
  • “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”
  • “That’s absolutely right.”
  • “My thoughts exactly!”
  • “I couldn’t agree more!”
  • “I wholeheartedly agree.”
  • “Right on the money!” (=be exactly correct or accurate)
  • “Better than anything I could have said.”

These are all great alternatives to “truer words have never been spoken,” as they express similar feelings and thoughts.

However, “truer words have never been spoken” is still a powerful phrase that can express exactly how you feel or think about something. Its usage should be reserved for specific situations to maintain its impact.

“Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken” Origin

Who said, “truer words have never been spoken”?

It is hard to find the exact source. Many people have said this quote throughout history. Currently, I can find no reliable source that states who was the first person to say “truer words have never been spoken.”

According to Google Ngrams, this phrase “truer words have never been spoken” can be found in books dated mid-19th century.

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In summary, the phrase “truer words have never been spoken” means that you strongly agree with something and should only be used in specific situations where it makes sense. It is a great way to get your point across and express your true feelings about a certain statement.

There are many great alternatives to this phrase that you can also use, such as “you couldn’t have said it better” or “right on the money!” However, the phrase “truer words have never been spoken” is still a powerful and impactful way to say exactly how you feel. So use it wisely!

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