Upset Mom Who Abhors Lying to Avoid Temper Tantrum Ignites Debate

Dealing with tantrums is a universal parenting challenge. While raising children, you’ll encounter meltdowns over broken toys, uneaten vegetables, and even routine trips to the grocery store.


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A concerned parent, the original poster (OP), opened up the discussion on social media, though she did not receive the response she expected.

Mechanical supermarket rides are a big hit with young children. After a long day’s shopping, kids flock to ride the fake horse or bounce inside a toy train or car.

The rides are not expensive; most require only a quarter or two and some extra patience.

After-Grocery Rides

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OP happened to have both at the ready.

One day after purchasing groceries, OP’s kids boarded the coin-operated merry-go-round at their local store.

The kids had saved their own quarters for the occasion.

Another Kid Wanted a Go

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While riding, a little boy passed with his mother and teen brother.

“Mommy, mommy! It’s working! It’s not broken! It can be my turn next,” the child proclaimed. His mother lied and said OP’s family took the only ride available that day.

According to OP, the child was heartbroken. “He looked at my kids with such anger and venom,” OP told readers, “We filled the ride, or I’d have offered him a seat.”

He Wasn’t Allowed To Take The Ride

saying no

The other family left, and OP’s daughter “freaked out” over the lie.

Confused, she asked why the boy thought the ride was broken. “I explained the mom lied because she couldn’t be bothered to let her son ride. Maybe she didn’t have enough money, maybe she was running late, but she chose to lie rather than say no.”

Don’t Lie To Your Kids

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OP understood why the mother chose to lie. Children often struggle with hearing “no”. Despite this, OP fully believed the mother made the wrong choice.

OP wanted to share this story with others to let them know why you should never lie to your children.

“I get that it’s easy to say that a ride or a gumball machine or whatever is “broken” but kids DO notice these lies.” She advised other parents to “just say no” to their children. From OP’s perspective, the mother’s lie served no beneficial purpose.

You Can’t Trust Adults Who Lie?

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In the end, that parent still had to contend with an upset child. “I talked about it again to my kids, explaining that if they catch adults in a lie, the consequence to that adult is that they shouldn’t be trusted.”

For OP, the mother gambled her son’s trust on something that could have been resolved just as easily without lies.

Social Media Responded to The Viral Post

social media response

Users were split on the OP’s stance.

Many found OP’s assessment harsh and judgmental. “No parent is perfect all the time with answers that would give you an A+ in a parenting class,” one user commented, “Any of us can look downright mediocre in a 20-second snapshot of our lives.”

“Legitimately, you have absolutely no idea what is going on in that mom’s life or her relationship with her children. You mom-shamed her to a group of internet strangers and your own children for no purpose,” another commented, adding that “life would be better if we all minded our business.”

You Are Teaching Your Children to Be Judgemental

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Some commenters argued that the lessons OP taught were more harmful. “In my opinion, it’s way worse to teach your kid to be a critical, judgmental snob than it is to lie to them. OP did not win this parenting duel.”

One user asked, “What is [your statement] going to teach your kid to say to other people? Watch [your daughter] go to school, and some kid says their parents told them that the claw machine was broke[n], and your kid says, “oh, your mom lies to you because she can’t be bothered with you”… like that’s giving a kid a complex for no reason.”

Lying Is Inevitable

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A handful of users agreed that honesty is the best policy but understood that lying every now and then to avoid outbursts is a real part of parenting. It may not be perfect, but there is no perfect method for raising a child.

As one parent put it: sometimes you have to tell the two-year-old televisions need time to charge, lest you suffer a three-hour-long screaming session.

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When Mom’s away, Dad and son will play.

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