How to Ace Your Self-Introduction for Teaching Jobs

You are signing up for a job with an online English teaching company but you’ve no idea what to say in your video intro! What will make your self-introduction video stand out among the rest?

Tips for Your Online Teaching Introduction

Here are some tips and ideas for your online teaching introduction. These ideas will give the students and the company a good idea about who you are and what you are like as a person. The video can be used for your teaching interview or student intro.

1. Set Up your Teacher Classroom

Set yourself up in an appropriate, quiet space that you can call your classroom. Frame your video wall with a suitable background. Make sure that you can be clearly seen and heard.

You will want a well-lit environment, so the student can see your face. Look presentable, by wearing something that you’d wear if you are teaching a live class. You can find a list of common teacher equipment you will need here.

This is an old photo of me. As you can see, my background here is pretty basic. Feel free to make your own background special and unique to you.

teacher classroom 2

Here are some ideas for your classroom background. You can add the company logo, posters, your country flag or a map. A map is a good idea for a background because you will often find that you are talking about different countries in class.

Keep your classroom age-appropriate and fun. It also shows off your personality.

Classroom Background Ideas: Map of the World

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Check out our best teaching background ideas.

2. Decide What You Will Wear

What is the dress code? Are you dressing to impress or are you targetting a conservative culture that doesn’t like jewelry?

You can always wear a little makeup. It is useful to wear red lipstick as it may help draw attention to your mouth and how you say certain words. It can also look great on camera.

For males, you might want to consider wearing a nice shirt. Check company policy and guidelines when deciding what to wear!

3. Write down What You Will Say First

It’s time to get a pen and paper and write down what you will say. It’s important to give your main points within the allocated 2-3 minute time suggested.

You can reduce the hemming and hawing by writing down a few ideas. You may also be able to quickly check your points while making the video, if you have the notes on your computer screen.

After writing down your script, you can highlight or take out the main ideas. This will make it easier to learn and retain your script before you begin making the video introduction.

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4. Include Relevant Points

You might have a CELTA and 10 years of experience teaching but so what? How do you stand out among the rest? Include points such as:

  • Your name and where you are from
  • Your educational experience
  • Relevant experience working with adults or children
  • What inspires you to teach English online (or with that particular company, if it is for an interview)
  • Your hobbies or a little bit about you
  • What makes your teaching style unique (patient, fun…)
  • Why you love teaching
  • Why students should choose you
  • Do you speak any other languages or teach other subjects?

When you include these points, your students will really get to know more about you and your personality and why they should choose you. Online ESL companies will get a better sense of who you are and if you are the right fit.


5. Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You want to be a teacher with a personality, let it shine! Be yourself, be passionate and show students why you deserve to be recognized. Speak slowly and smile. Make sure that you are relaxed and ready to make an awesome video!

6. Smile

Be passionate and don’t forget smile! Smiling is important as it shows that you are passionate and you have a pleasant personality. Smile with your eyes.

“Smile. Your eyes sparkle when you do.”

Coco J. Ginger

Did that make you smile? Good.

7. Repeat the Video if Required

You might not record the perfect video on your first go, and that’s okay. Keep practicing until you have perfected your script.

Make sure your audio is clear, you are visible and you captured your main points.

How to Submit Your Video

There are some options when it comes to sharing your introduction video. Usually, you can upload the video to the ESL platform. Here are some possible ways to share your video:

  • Attach it via Email (email files usually up to 25MB)
  • Upload it directly to the ESL website
  • Upload to YouTube and link it to the company. You can ensure your video is private by marking it as unlisted. Only people with a link can see the YouTube video
  • Share via Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Share via social media. China has social media sharing apps such as DingTalk and Wechat.

Sample Teaching Script

Here is an example of what you could say.

Hi, my name is _____________ and I am from ____________. I am passionate, fun, and creative. (You can use this as an opportunity to show a puppet or prop if you are teaching kids). I am a certified TEFL teacher and have __________ years of experience teaching ESL. I’ve previously worked in _________ and __________. I love enriching students’ lives by teaching them English online. I help students by creating lesson plans/speaking exercises/ scaffolding/ creating games. I can also teach ____________ (other subjects you can teach). My teaching style is patient and caring/focus on pronunciation/ providing good guidance. Please book a class with me now and choose me as your teacher. I will help you master the English language and become a confident English speaker (why the student should choose you).

I am looking forward to hearing from you! (Call to action at the end – what you want the student to do.)

The Importance of Teacher Self-Introduction

You may not consider yourself a marketer, but a self-introductory video is a form of marketing. You are letting the students know why they should choose YOU.

It is the first thing students will see before they select you as their teacher. Define your unique selling point – what makes you different – in the video. Show them why they should choose you and how you intend to solve their problems.

It’s your turn! What are your secrets when it comes to your online teaching introductory video? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Self-Introduction Video

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