Is Volumn Correct? Volumn or Volume (With Examples)

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There is some confusion over the correct spelling of this word, with “volumn” and “volume” appearing in use.

However, according to the dictionaries, the correct spelling is “volume.” “Volumn” is not a correct word.

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Volumn is an incorrect spelling of the word “volume.” If you search the internet for “volumn” you will probably find some typos as this is not a proper word.

Other words with similar spelling to “volumn” are “column,” “violin” and “villain,” if these are the words you are looking for.


The word “volume” is the correct spelling of this word. The word can be abbreviated as “vol.”

This word has a few different meanings, including the quantity of something that can be contained within a particular space (length x breadth x height= volume).

The word “volume” is often used when talking about books and other publications. For example, volume can be a book part of a larger collection of books.

It can be used to measure the degree of sound, as in “the volume of the music was too loud.

Other Common Misspellings

Yikes! Read some other common misspellings in the English language:

Is Volumn an Old Spelling?

Words that were once popular but are no longer used are known as archaic words. Some users online make the assumption that volumn is an archaic word.

If you want to see how often “volumn” and “volume” have been used in books, you can use Google Ngram Viewer. This tool lets you see how a particular word has been used over time.

As you can see from the graph below, “volume” was the popular spelling used since the 1800s.


Examples of Sentences with “Volume”

  • The volume of the container is 10 liters.
  • He turned up the volume on the stereo.
  • She read from the volume of poetry.
  • She turned down the volume on the TV.
  • The library has over two thousand volumes.
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In Conclusion

Dictionaries list “volume” as the correct spelling of this word, while “volumn” is not a recognised word. If you are not sure how to spell a word, it is always best to check a dictionary.

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6 thoughts on “Is Volumn Correct? Volumn or Volume (With Examples)”

  1. As someone of senior years all I can say is that ‘Volumn’ was always a measure of sound. ‘Volume’ was a measurement of space or sequence (as in books).

    Times change I know, but not one single website that I have found saying that only ‘volume’ is correct is a UK, Australian or New Zealand website – strewth it even said ‘volumn’ of old TVs and electrical equipment.

    …all that said, times change

      • Doing a crossword has brought up this subject.
        Both my husband and I (age: 70’s, from U.S.) remember seeing/ using the spelling ‘volumn’ in our youth. (NOT saying we are English experts, but, both retired teachers, with graduate degrees, and we like crossword puzzles!)
        I would like to see that Usage Chart of the two spellings, going back to the 1950’s. We got this incorrect spelling from somewhere!
        Interesting English usage topic.

        • Interesting, Catt. I thought I had seen it someplace myself. You can check Google Ngram Viewer to show the word frequency in printed publications in the 1950s. However, it just doesn’t appear to be the correct spelling of the word.

  2. I grew up using the spelling of volumn to mean sound as stated in a previous post. It is NOT an incorrect spelling of the word just because “googling” it says so. Volume always referred to amount of space.


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