Parents of Successful Kids Have These 12 Things in Common

Parents are instrumental in shaping their children’s success. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting, discover 12 proven practices that guide kids toward achievement.

1. They spend time with their kids

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The initial maternal connection between a mother and child is in the womb.

Talking, reading, and engaging with a child are actions that bond a parent and a child.

Science says that the more time parents invest in their children, the higher the level of well-being their children will experience.

2. They trust their kids with tasks

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A Stanford study showed that parents who have overly involved themselves in their children’s activities can be counterproductive.

The study recommends that parents allow their children a bit of independence in tasks or chores. If your child wants to take the lead, let them.

3. They don’t limit their kids’ social skills

Children is or Children are

Socially skilled children are more advantageous than their less social peers.

Multiple studies have shown that developing social skills in kids lays a foundation for academic excellence and long-term success.

Instead of limiting these skills, encourage them in your kids. 

4. They have a relationship with their kids 

happy family members

A healthy parent-child relationship encourages security and trust.

When parents listen, show empathy, and respond, it builds emotional stability and sets their kids up for success.

5. They finished their education 

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Although there may be outliers, a study published in 2018 revealed that parents with a background in higher education often hold a strong emphasis on the importance of academic achievement.

A parent’s higher education sets a powerful example for children to become successful.

6. They hold high expectations

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Even as adults, we need someone to believe in us sometimes.

When parents hold their children to high standards, it instills a sense of success in them.

Believe in your kids and let them know your wishes for them. 

7. They celebrate their kids’ successes 

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You know when you bribe a baby to stop crying by giving them a cookie? It’s a little related.

When parents celebrate the successes of their children — no matter how little they are, it fosters a growth mindset.

These celebrations teach children to be proud of their work and to view challenges as learning opportunities and bring the family together as a whole.

8. They give their kids simple names 

baby names

A name is a person’s first identity on Earth, and while this may seem minor, naming a child a non-biased name can boost confidence in social settings.

A study conducted at New York University showed that individuals with easily recognizable names often have higher-ranking positions in their workplaces. 

9. They prioritize efforts rather than avoiding failure

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Failure is inevitable, but effort is beautiful and often leads to success.

A growth mindset sees failure as a stepping stone and does not see it as a disadvantage.

Continuous efforts create this growth mindset in children.

10. They teach ‘grit’

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Grit means ‘courage’ and ‘resolve’ while Angela Duckworth, an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, defined grit as “sticking with things over the very long term until you master them.” She encourages chasing your interest and continuous practice.

Parents who teach their children grit at a young age prepare them for a successful future.

11. They are patient and supportive

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A patient mom or dad creates a thriving environment for their children’s growth. It gives kids the space to learn, explore, make mistakes, and grow at a pace they prefer.

Patience and support are both traits that can easily be felt by anyone, including children, and encourage good communication, make healthy bonds, and set a pathway for success. 

12. They pay attention to their children 

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Attention goes beyond supervising your child; it involves listening, understanding, and guiding. Attentiveness helps parents to recognize and grow their kid’s strengths.

Children whose feelings are constantly seen and heard are more likely to succeed.

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