12 Scaffolding Techniques to Implement Now

We often refer to scaffolding to create effective and efficient lessons.

Let’s take a look at just what we mean by scaffolding and how you can incorporate it into the classroom.

See what the students already know and try to form ideas that will support whatever you’re going to talk about next.

Tap into Background Knowledge

Modeling is a way of demonstrating to the student what you mean. Showing  the student how to do it can give them the confidence to do it  themselves.

Model by the Teachers or Students

The teacher could do a question for the students first, then do the next question together in groups or together with the teacher, and finally, the students try it themselves.

Guided Practice

Prompts give the students a bit of information to step them in the right direction.

Use Prompts

Hints could involve anything from verbal gestures to pictures or oral information. A hint will keep the students guessing and help them produce the right answer.

Give Hints



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