13 Must-Read Stories for Kids That Teach Valuable Life Lesson

Every parent, teacher, or babysitter will, at some point, find  themselves playing storyteller and sharing children’s stories, whether it’s bedtime stories, or stories by the campfire.

Reading to children is a perfect way to help kids develop their reading skills and learn to read.

Moral of the story: You’re never too small to help someone in need, and kindness never goes wasted.

The Lion and the Mouse

Moral of the story: Lying will catch up with you, and people won’t believe you when you need them to.

The Boy Who Cried, Wolf

Moral of the story: Being greedy will cause you to lose out on what you already have.

The Golden Goose

Moral of the story: Where there is a will, there’s away. Sometimes you have to get creative and be patient to achieve your goal.

The Thirsty Crow

Moral of the story: Being lazy and rushing a task will not pay off; hard work patience will.

The Three Little Pigs



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