50 Business Idioms in English With Meaning

English is a highly idiomatic language. For those learning English, idiom use is the hardest part to master.

To help make office speak a little more palatable for those forced to be  subject to it, Stacker has collected famous business idioms and sayings.

It means either that you are working at full capacity and cannot go  faster or do more, or that you are in an untenable position and the only  way out is full-speed forward.

‘Balls to the wall’

In business, it suggests the changing of official policy or strategy or  the changing of the accepted view across an industry—usually toward  something unpredictable or unlikely.

‘Paradigm shift’

To “hard sell” something is to use aggressive tactics to sell the item,  including persistent marketing, verbal battering, and illicit product  positioning.

‘Hard sell’

“Ahead of the pack” refers to being ahead of the competition.

‘Ahead of the pack’

Usually, it means that something is worth considering when the timing or circumstances are better or when there are fewer pressing issues to consider.

‘Let’s circle back to that’



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