Let’s Spill the Tea! Meaning, Origin and Example

Have you ever heard someone say, “spill the tea”? What does it mean, when should you say it, and where did it originate from?

The term “spill the tea” has recently gained much popularity, especially among younger generations.

It is typically used when referring to gossip or juicy details that people share with each other.

Spill The Tea Meaning

Of course, spilling tea does not actually mean you are spilling it; it is an idiom, meaning the words are different than their literal meaning.

Symbolism of “Spilling the Tea”

Gossip can be casual or unconstrained conversations or reports about  other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as true.

What is Gossip?

If you think someone is hiding something from you or you are not being  told the full details of something, you can say, “spill the tea,” or “it’s  time to spill the tea.”

When to Say “Spill the Tea”

– “My friend spilled the tea on why she and her ex broke up.” – “Are you going to spill the tea or what?”

Examples of Sentences with “Spill The Tea”



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