Canceling or Cancelling, Canceled or Cancelled? Which is Correct?

Canceling or cancelling? Canceled or cancelled? Which are correct? The answer is all of them! They all come from the verb “cancel.”

The difference is whether you are writing to a British or American audience.

Is canceling spelled with one ‘l’ or two?

We can write “cancelling” or “cancelled” with a double l. Or we can write “canceled” and “canceling” with just one l. 

Cancelled Vs. Canceled: Example Sentence

– The launch of the event has been cancelled. (British English spelling) – The launch of the event has been canceled. (American English spelling)

Why did Cancelled become Canceled?

Webster’s version of the dictionary had “cancelled”. However, in Webster’s An American Dictionary of the English language, the word was spelled as “canceled.”

Which spelling should I use: “canceled” or “cancelled?

The recommended spelling will depend on who your audience is and using the spelling that others in your region use.

“Cancellation” is nearly always spelled with a double l regardless of where the person is from or lives.

Which is correct cancelation or cancellation?



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