Cringy or Cringey: Which is Correct?

What is the difference between “cringy” and “cringey?” Though “cringy” and “cringey” both derive from the same root word (“cringe”), both seem to be used online and in writing.

However, is there a correct term to use, and if so, which is the correct spelling?


Cringy comes from the word “cringe,” which means to be embarrassed about something. According to Oxford Languages, cringy is the adjective, and cringe is the verb.

How to Use Cringy

Cringy is an adjective that describes something as embarrassing or awkward. It can be used to describe people, things, or situations.

Other Examples of Sentences with “Cringy”

1. I can’t believe I wore that outfit to school in the old days; it was so cringy. 2. His dance moves are cringy, but we still love him anyway. 3. I didn’t mean to be cringy; I was trying to be funny.


Cringey carries the same meaning as the word “cringy” and is also used as an adjective, according to Oxford Languages. Cringey is pronounced the same as cringy; krin-jee.

1. My brother is so cringey with his new girlfriend. 2. I can’t believe I did that; it was so cringey. 3. That commercial was so cringey I had to change the channel.

Examples of Sentences with “Cringey”

Cringy or Cringey

Cringey seems to be the more widely used spelling of the two, according to Google Ngram Viewer. The word “cringy” appears to be the informal way of spelling the adjective according to the dictionary, yet it is still acceptable.



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