Monkies or Monkeys: Which is Correct?

There is some debate over whether the correct plural of monkey is “monkeys” or “monkies.” This is due to the often recited rule “change y to i and add ies.”

“Monkies” is an incorrect plural word for monkey. It is not possible to write “monkies.”


The correct plural for monkey is “monkeys.” When you are writing about more than one monkey, you should use the word “monkeys.” 1. One monkey 2. Two monkeys

How to Form the Singular Possessive of Monkey

To form the singular possessive of monkey, you would add an apostrophe + s to the end of the word. This demonstrates ownership or belonging.

Examples of Sentences with the Singular Possessive:

1. The monkey’s tail was long. 2. The monkey’s fur is soft. 3. The monkey’s eyes were big.

How to Form the Plural Possessive of Monkey

To show ownership and indicate that something belongs to “monkeys” (more than one monkey), you can add an apostrophe after the letter s.

1. The monkeys’ cage was too small. 2. The monkeys’ food was stolen. 3. The monkeys’ toys were taken away.

Examples of Sentences with the Plural Possessive:



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