32 Moral Stories in English That Will Touch Your Heart

There is a reason why moral stories have been around for centuries. They teach us a lot about life and remind us of what is truly important.

Today we will share 32 moral stories in English that will inspire your child to be a better person.

1. The Lion and the Mouse

This story is about a lion who spared the life of a mouse. The mouse then returns the favor by helping the lion when he is in danger.

This tale is about a grasshopper who spends his days singing and playing instead of preparing for winter. The ant works hard all summer to store up food.

2. The Ant and the Grasshopper

3. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

This story is about a shepherd boy who tricks the villagers by crying “wolf” when there is no danger. The villagers eventually get tired of his games and don’t believe him when he cries “wolf” for real.

The fable is about a hare who mocks a tortoise for being slow. The tortoise then challenges the hare to a race.

4. The Hare and the Tortoise

The hare runs fast at first but then takes a nap in the middle of the race. The tortoise slowly but surely passes the hare and wins the race. Slow and steady wins the race!

5. The Blue Jackal

“The Blue Jackal” is a moral story about a jackal that jumps into a large pool of blue dye. When he returned to the jungle, all the animals were confused to see such a strange-looking animal.

Then he had a clever idea. He pretended that he was sent there by the creator of the universe and announced himself as king. Everyone believed him until they soon later figured out he was just a jackal.



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