Todays or Today’s? Simple Grammar and When to Use

Today’s or Todays? Which is correct? On the next slides, we will explore the correct usage and grammar of today’s and todays.

If your question is whether to use todays or today’s in your sentence… I am almost certain that today’s is the correct answer.

Todays vs Today’s

Today’s is a possessive noun that means ‘pertaining to or belonging to the present day,’ as in “today’s newspaper” or “today’s date.”

What does today’s mean?

Today’s is usually the possessive form of “today.” It is used to show belonging. For example, “Today’s date is the tenth of April.”

Example Sentences with Today’s

– Our team lost today’s game. (possessive) – Today’s moon is gibbous. (possessive)

Why do we add an apostrophe?

We use a possessive apostrophe because we want to show that a person or  thing owns or is a member of something.

– Today’s date is the 25th of August. – I just bought today’s newspaper.

Examples of Today’s in its Possessive Form



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