Does Excellent Grades Mean Success in Real Life? Social Media Share What Happened The Smart Kid

What happened to the smartest kid in your class? Netizens share stories about the child genius they knew and how their life turned out.

Became a Rocket Scientist

rocket scientist

How hard can it be? …It’s not rocket science.

And if it is, don’t worry; this Redditor knows a rocket scientist he can hook you up with.

Has an Expensive House


“He went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), works for Apple, and has a very expensive home in California. He also has a wife and four kids and seems to be very happy. I remember he was programming games in high school and was valedictorian. A big nerd who became a wealthy big nerd,” one person said.

Never Associated With Anyone From High School Again

school corridor

One person recalls never hearing or seeing him with the rest of the high schoolers again. Surprisingly, it has been over thirty years, and he has never attended a reunion.

The Ingenious Twins

smart twins smiling

Two geneticists are better than one!

According to one user, the smartest kids were twins who work in the same university and both have PHDs, doing the same job.

As geneticists, their job is to study genes and heredity.

Death After High School

death coffin

“Died from a brain tumor right after he graduated high school. He was dang smart. Could play the piano upside down too,” one person said.

Pediatric Neurosurgeon


A swanky job title for a very serious role. A pediatric neurosurgeon is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system problems in children. This includes dealing with several conditions such as brain and spinal tumors and injuries.

Dropped Out Of College

pregnant girl

He dropped out of college when he got an 18-year-old girl pregnant, according to one user, who claimed the young man was 23 at the time.

In an effort to make ends meet, he set up a board games store, with a large room for painting and playing games.

“[He] plays dad to half the neurodivergent kids in town. Still married to the same woman too. It’s not a high-flying life but he makes a difference to so many people,” the user said.

His Life Ended Tragically

struggling student

Being gifted doesn’t grant immunity from mental health issues. Unfortunately, one user wrote that in spite of getting three scholarships, the smart kid only lasted one year in university before ending it all.

He Changed His Identity

people smiling at conference

The smartest kid in the school was incredibly popular and was a close friend to many, including this one social media user. After he graduated, however, he disappeared and changed his name.

One of their friends attended an academic conference and upon seeing him in a group photo noticed that although he had kept his first name, his last name was now an anagram of what it previously had been. Maybe being popular wasn’t the life for him!

He Shot His Business Partner

business partners

“He’s in jail for murder. Came as a surprise,” one user recalled.


studying with laptop

Although the stories of what happened to the smartest kid in class are varied, they all serve as powerful reminders that sometimes a happy ending isn’t guaranteed. We never know what life has in store for us, so we must learn from these examples and always strive to make wise decisions. The path of least resistance is not always the best or most fulfilling one.

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