What Kind of Vs What Kinds of? Which is Correct?

Is it what kind of or what kinds of? Which do we use?!

You can actually use kind of or kinds of when you are speaking in English. Both statements are correct and are used interchangeably.

Kind of

Use the singular “kind of” if you expect an answer with only one type or kind.

For example, what kind of weather do you like? I like sunny weather.

Kinds of

Use the plural “kinds of” if you expect you’ll get a plural answer.

For example, what kinds of sports do you like to play? I like to play football and go running.

Kind of Vs Kinds of

We can use kind of and kinds of interchangeably in the sentence with slightly different meanings.

For example, you may be asking which sentence works best:

  1. What kind of TV shows do you like?
  2. What kinds of TV shows do you like?
  3. What kind of TV show do you like?
  4. What kinds of TV show do you like?

These sentences work well, with slightly different meanings. Sentence number four is incorrect.

The first and third questions are asking what TV genre do you enjoy watching.

The second question is expecting multiple answers. “What kinds of TV shows” suggests that there will be a variety of kinds/types.

The first question may or may not be expecting multiple answers.

The fourth question is not correct. It seems that show doesn’t agree in number with other words in this phrase.

Other Examples

Are these sentences correct or incorrect?

These kind of books. This is incorrect. The plural demonstrative these is used for modifying the singular noun kind. We should use a singular demonstrative or plural noun instead.

These kinds of books. This is correct. It is used when talking about multiple books.

This kinds of book. This is incorrect. The singular demonstrative this is modifying the plural noun kinds.

This kind of book. This is correct. We are talking about one kind of type of thing.

Meaning of Kinda

Kinda is an informal way of saying “kind of.” This may be seen in informal text or spoken casually, for example, I’m kinda thirsty, means I am kind of thirsty.

Related Questions

What is the meaning of “this is my kind of thing.”?

If you say “this i my kind of thing” it means it is something you enjoy or favor. It is something you like to do and are good at.

What is the difference between kind of and kinds of?

“Kinds” is used as a plural expression, to mean multiple kinds or types. “Kind” refers to one type or category.

What is the meaning of “Kind of.”?

If you say you kind of like the movie, it means that you liked it to some degree. You liked it in some way; not exactly; just a little.

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