Winner Team or Winning Team? Which One is Correct?

Which should you say? Winner team or Winning team?

We want to use a modifier to give extra information about the team. The correct way to say it is “winning team.” We could also call them “the winners.”

Italy is the winner team. (incorrect)

Italy is the winning team. (correct)

Example Sentences With “Winning Team”

How we can use “winning team” in a sentence:

  • The Kings are the winning team this year.
  • India is the winning team in Group B.
  • Germany is the winning team in Group F.
  • France is the winning team at the World Cup.
  • I support the winning football team.
  • I am a fan of the winning basketball team.
  • The winning team is humble.
  • Alice is a member of the winning quiz team.


If the team wins, instead of calling them the “winning team,” you can also call them the “winners.”

We DO NOT say “winner team.”

Example Sentences With “Winner”

How we can use “winners” in a sentence:

  • The Kings are the winners this year.
  • India is the winner in Group B.
  • Germany is the winner in Group F.
  • The winners received a prize trophy for their efforts.
  • France is the winner of the World Cup.
  • I support the winners.
  • I am a fan of the basketball winners.
  • The winner is Josh!
  • I want to be the competition winner.
  • The athletic winners are humble.

“Winning Team” Synonyms

A winning team is also known as:

  • a victorious team
  • a successful team
  • a leading team
  • a triumphant team
  • a champion team
  • a powerhouse team
  • an elite team

“Winner” Synonyms

Synonyms for “winning team” include:

  • victors
  • champions
  • champs
  • number one
  • titleholder
  • medal winner
  • top dog

What do we call the non-winning team?

The non-winning team can be called the losing team or losers.

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In Conclusion

Using “winning team” instead of “winner team.” In addition, using “losing team” is the opposite of a winning team.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Don’t forget to leave a comment about who is your favorite winning team.

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