Young Woman’s Mugshots Went Viral For Their Attractiveness— Dubbing Her as ‘Queen of Chaos’

After her series of attractive, smiling mugshots went viral, Rayanna Belle Brock became known online as the ‘Queen of Chaos’—a title she had fully embraced until now.

The former Eastern Kentucky University student has recently thanked God and her friendships for rescuing her from a life of crime and drug addiction. She was also lucky enough to become famous enough on social media for it.

How People Got To Know ‘The Queen Of Chaos’

Public interest in the 23-year-old surged after ‘Mugshawtys’ (an Instagram account dedicated to the police photographs of young, attractive women) began sharing Brock’s extensive collection of mugshots.

The pictures of a young, blonde Brock beaming up at the camera with a mischievous expression quickly won over online users.

“Queen of this page, for sure. ‘Most arrests’ earns you the crown,” wrote one commenter.

By 2023, Brock’s arrest record was just as impressive as her mugshot collection. Beginning in March 2018, she was arrested for shoplifting and wanton endangerment of a police officer.

In her own words, “Funny story… I stole s— from Walmart, and the detective who ran after me tried to say I ran over his foot when I dipped outta the parking lot. The charges got dismissed ‘cause he lied.”

In July 2020, a 20-year-old Brock had her mugshot taken after being charged with terroristic threatening in the third degree, stalking in the second degree, and harassing communications.

A seemingly unbothered Brock grins widely in the picture, prompting an online user to protest: “How could you feel threatened with a smile like that? Free her.”

One of Brock’s self-described favorite mugshots was taken during a March 2021 arrest for the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and criminal mischief in the first degree. “I literally stole a car, wrecked it, and then brought it back,” she wrote.

When police showed up at her dorm with video footage of the crime, Brock claimed that she was innocent up until the moment they discovered the outfit she wore in the video inside her closet.

“My mouth dropped; I ain’t even know what to say,” Brock recalled. “I was caught all the way the f— up.”

In December 2021, Brock kicked off the holiday season by allegedly stealing a hat and taser from a state trooper’s vehicle.

According to the Richmond Register, Bock reportedly returned the items when state police came to her door and insisted someone else had given her the stolen property. The incident earned her charges for possession of stolen property, marijuana, and controlled substances.

“Her enthusiasm for her arrest is heartwarming,” commented another Instagram user. “It’s nice to see that level of commitment to one’s craft.”

In January of this year, Brock added the eleventh (and hopefully last) installment to her mugshot catalog after being arrested for firearm theft. 

In a comment, another online user referred to Brock as the ‘Queen of Chaos’, and the 23-year-old woman embraced the moniker. According to Brock’s interview with Fox News, “[They commented] ‘This is the Queen of Chaos; she’s a menace to society.’ And I just loved that.”

Despite her sunny expression in photographs, Brock’s turbulent personal life was a major contributing factor to her criminal career. According to stories posted to her personal Instagram account, both of Brock’s parents are serving time in jail.

Moreover, Brock—who was only eighteen when she was first arrested—struggled with an addiction to Xanax throughout most of her time as a college student. As a result, she was kicked out of all three Kentucky colleges she attended.

Nowadays, Brock claims to have turned her life around. She has been sober since January 18, 2022, the young woman told Fox News, but only stopped consuming marijuana as recently as five months ago. “I had to quit that for probation,” she explained on television.

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She Claims That Her Friend Saved Her

In a June 13 update posted to Facebook, Brock thanked a friend for rescuing her at the lowest point of her recovery: “This man took me in when I was literally at rock bottom, and he honestly saved me from taking my own life. … If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve been sleeping on the streets many times, but he never turned me away.”

“We are both sober now and doing so good,” Brock shared. “And I just have to thank the Lord for that, ’cause only God knows what we’ve both been through but we never let it break us!”

What first prompted Brock to turn her life around? Not recognizing the person she saw in the mirror, she told Fox News. “That’s what really started my sobriety; I wanted to look like the girl I used to.”

Currently, Brock is focused on starting up a general contracting business with her boyfriend, Ragnar Remodels. She still works as a server/bartender, although she refused to name her workplace on television to avoid potential stalkers.

Even though Brock claims to have turned over a new leaf, the young woman does not hide her troubled past. Her mugshots remain displayed prominently on her social media accounts, but not for others to follow in her footsteps.

She told Inside Edition: “I guess I just wanted to embrace my mistakes; I didn’t really ask for them to go viral. In some way, I do regret my decisions.”


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