Woman Pretending to Be Male Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assault

In a complex scam, Blade Silvano, a UK woman, managed to convince her female partner that she was in a relationship with a man.

Lying about being in the British Army and surviving cancer, Silvano practiced the deceit over the course of a two-year relationship.

Now convicted of two counts of assault by penetration, more information is coming out about the truly bizarre case.

She Was Looking For A Male

The pair met in late 2016 over an online dating site called Plenty of Fish.

The unnamed female partner recalls that she set her profile to ‘female seeking male,’ while Silvano, also a woman, set her profile to ‘male seeking female.’

Silvano altered her name to be ‘Blade Mendez,’ which she later claimed was a name related to a Liverpool player, though she could not specify which one. 

Things Went Pretty Fast

The two spoke online and developed a romantic relationship. In December 2016, they engaged in sexual intercourse.

The victim explained that she could never place her hands “underneath his clothes” or “he would nudge me away.”

Why Would A Man Use Toys On A Woman?

In February 2017, they engaged in sexual intercourse for a second time.

Cambridge Crown Court was told that both times, an “unknown item” was used to penetrate the woman, who still referred to Silvano as “he” during her testimony. 

“He was using s*x toys on me,” the woman said. “It was not the other way around.”

She Never Saw His Pe–s

Friends of the victim brought further information to light. “She said she had not seen Blade’s p*nis, as he would never have the light on when they had sex.” 

Another friend explained that the woman said Blade was “insecure,” and that is why he refused to let her touch him.

They Were Supposed To Be Married

Despite the odd nature of the relationship, the couple still went as far as to discuss marriage.

The woman even shopped for wedding dresses, sending a photo to Silvano in excitement for the nuptials.

The engagement was canceled by Silvano, who said she had received a cancer diagnosis, which was also fictitious. 

The Ugly Truth Comes Out

The woman eventually realized her relationship was not all it had seemed when her contacts were synced for a new Facebook account.

Silvano’s account was recommended as a friend, and the woman was quoted as saying that there was a “different surname to the one I’m aware of.”

This led to the woman investigating the account, and the story unraveled from there. 

Was It Just Fantasy And Roleplay?

During a police interview, the victim explained, “I believe that I was having a sexual relationship with a man I have now found out to be female, which I have not consented to.” 

In evidence, Silvano was adamant that not only had the pair never met in person, she believed that the woman knew she was female.

Silvano also went on to say, “It was just fantasy and roleplay. It was just an online communication.”

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The Court Was Not Convinced

Prosecution barrister Michael Hillman stated, “It was roleplay only for you, as she believed every word you said. She was head over heels in love with you, and you exploited that with your constant lies, stringing her along. And you did that because you got a kick out of it, stringing this woman along, holding you out to be someone you are not.”

Silvano’s other lies were brought to light during evidence, including a myriad of past careers, none of which could be validated.

Silvano also said she had graduated with a national diploma in applied science and a BTEC in animal behavior, but both institutions had no record of a student by any of her names. 

Overwhelming Evidence Proves Assault

While sentencing will occur at a later date, jurors did find Silvano guilty of two counts of assault by penetration.

Judge Philip Grey said of the case, “some of the most dishonest evidence I’ve heard in my time on the bench,” affirming that Silvano had been convicted only after “utterly, utterly overwhelming” evidence. 


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