Woman Sues Parents For Using College Money To Pay For Her Brother’s Wedding

OP recently caused a stir on social media for her story about how she received money from her great-grandaunt in her will only to have it taken by her parents and used to fund her brother’s wedding.

The Backstory


OP’s great-grandaunt had a passion for education and strongly believed it should not be overlooked. After attending university in London, she went on to become a doctor. She married a British man, and together they moved to America with their shared dream of a bright future.

Her Passing

Pass Away

When her great-aunt passed away, she left money for the female relatives in her family. Having grown up in a culture where education was not valued, she wanted to make sure these women could pursue their academic dreams.

The Spent Money

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When her niece, OP, graduated high school, her parents managed the savings accounts that was set up for her and her sister and used it to pay for her brother’s wedding.

Her sister was already married, so she had “no intention of going to college,” so she didn’t mind. However, OP was hoping to use the money for college and was disappointed when she went to the bank and discovered most of the money was gone, with only $13,000 left.

Confronting Her Parents

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When she confronted the parents, they admitted that they needed the money. Furious at her parents for taking the funds meant for her education without her knowledge, she decided to leave and take out student loans. OP brought her parents to great shame, but she didn’t care.

She Decided to Sue

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OP then made the ultimate decision to sue her parents to get her great-grandaunt’s money back. Her entire family was against her, believing that she was a horrible person for airing out family business in public and that she was putting money ahead of family.

With the support of her American friends, OP took legal action and eventually came to an agreement with her family.

The Family Tried To Stop The Case

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OP’s brother called her to let her know that he would pay for her university if she dropped the lawsuit. OP agreed, under the condition that he would provide a legally binding contract. The brother called her an a***ole for not trusting him.

She Feels Guilt

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OP wants to know if she was wrong. “It is causing all kinds of embarrassment in our community,” OP admitted.

She let her university know at the student law center and they are helping her prove that the money is hers.

“I am trying to do everything I can so this does not become a criminal matter,” she said.

Redditors Respond

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“Your parents didn’t borrow your money. They stole it. I hope you have all the documents to show that the money was yours. Your brother is also the a***ole for trying to get you to drop a lawsuit with what is most likely a lie,” one person said with 43,100 upvotes.

“If you have a chance to start life without student debt, you do whatever you can to do that. Your parents and I’m sorry, but their culture sounds completely toxic. I’m glad you got out.”

Redditors Respond

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“I’m sorry, but this is a criminal matter. If this was for an American university, you are talking $200k to $300k. Theft of that much is jail time,” another person stated.

“No, they think you are an a****ole for holding them accountable for their awful actions. They thought you would be a pushover, but you are showing them you’re not. Your great-aunt would be proud of you,” one person with 15,400 upvotes said.

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Do you agree with OP’s decision to sue her parents? What should OP do in this case?

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