Women Gifts Lottery Ticket… Now She Wants the Winnings

Many have considered the potential life-changing ability of a winning lottery ticket. Though the odds of winning are just one in 175 million, for some, the risk is still worthwhile.

Those Tickets Were Supposed To Be a Birthday Present

woman receiving gifts celebrating

One woman pressed for cash, has opted to buy her nephew a handful of cheap tickets as a birthday present.

The thing is, after hearing that those tickets had won, she wants the winnings for herself.

Unemployed; Options Scarce

girl fired from job

“I have had a really rough year,” the woman starts, detailing how she was laid off from her job and is now out of unemployment options.

Though she owns her house, she has only just managed to find enough money through odd jobs to pay for taxes and insurance.

“I am eating ramen just about every meal,” the woman complains. 

A Cheap Birthday Present

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Unable to afford a nice gift, the woman decides instead to buy her nephew a few lottery tickets. 

“I love my nephew,” the woman explains, “and can’t get by on the thought that I wouldn’t be able to get him a birthday present.”

How She Managed To Buy The Scratchers

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She then adds that she “scraped together” spare change to manage to purchase the scratchers.

Surprising Win for Birthday Boy Leads to Sourness

jealous woman

While the story so far is somewhat heartwarming, it takes a firm turn for the worst when the poster announces that her nephew has actually won some money.

Double Winnings!

rich kid

“On two of them, no less,” she says. “One was for about $50, which was cool enough, but the second one was actually into the middle 5 figures.”

It Was Life Changing Money For Her


“Life-changing money,” she continues before sliding into a tirade about her nephew’s current financial status.

“His parents are very well off,” she says. “My nephew has a fully funded college fund and every material thing he could ever want.”

The Gift-Giver Believes She Deserves Some

angry mother

The woman continues casually by announcing that she asked her sister if she could have at least three-quarters of the winnings.

“She asked if I was being serious,” the woman continued with a sense of annoyance.

She continues by explaining that she felt the request was generous, considering she really needs all of the winnings. 

Woman Claims She Needs the Money More Than Nephew

woman feeling victimized

After her sister hung up on her, the woman contacted her nephew, who had apparently blocked her number after the same request. 

“Here’s the thing,” the woman explains to those listening on the internet. “I NEED the money. It’s a matter of me eating or not eating.”

The Question That Has Outraged The Internet

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The question that has outraged the internet ensues. “Am I the a—— for thinking he should share the winnings of the gift I gave him?”

The Internet Is Unimpressed

social media response

“Here’s a gift,” one commenter replied sagely, “it’s probably worthless, but if by some miracle it turns out to be worth something, I want it back. It’s only for you if it’s actually worthless.”

Not Entitled To Anything

asian girl questioning

“You’re not entitled to anything,” another commenter wrote, agreeing with the hoards of people declaring that the poster is indeed the problem in this situation.

“Were you hoping he would lose?” Said one person, while others scorned the woman for making her gift so conditional.

Minimal Sympathy From Various Commenters

woman using phone

While some responses were more emphatic than others, a few even offering sympathy or encouraging words for the original poster’s own financial situation; the result was unanimous.

She Does Not Understand How Gifts Work

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“You definitely don’t understand how gifts work, and I think you’d do well to not be so presumptuous,” said one commenter after asking why she hadn’t originally gone to her sister’s family for financial assistance. 

Others Have Fared Better

shutterstock 2160141657

While this one woman may have been refused the support she was hoping for online, others in the past have had a different stroke of luck.

Others Have Fared Better

counting money

In 2020, Tom Cook won 22 million dollars in the lottery. He split the winnings with his friend after a 28-year-old promise that if either of them ever won, they would share it.

Similarly, a woman from Alberta received 30 million after her partner of eight years won double that.

Lottery Wins Seem to Cause Disagreements

woman doesnt understand

Still, lottery winnings seem to carry a source of unpleasantness. This young couple posted a story in 2021, whereupon they won 5.6 million dollars in the lottery.

Instead of sharing it with expecting family members, they kept it to themselves, investing the funds instead. In response, the family said that the couple was no longer welcome as part of the family.

What To Do if You Won the Lottery?

man with lots of money

Many publications online will share lists of what to do if winning the lottery becomes a reality.

A common thread between them all? Keep the news quiet.

“Congratulations!” Says one article. “Now hide.”

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