12 Worst Colleges America Has Got to Offer

Leaving high school for college is exciting, but it pays to be extra careful in choosing the perfect college. Here are the top 12 worst colleges in America to avoid.

1. Florida Memorial College

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Florida Memorial College has a reputation for being one of the worst schools in America in terms of debt and graduation rate, which is at only 42%.

Many students who end up here have an average of about $30,063 in student loans.

Grants and scholarships are available for students of this college, but they do not put a dent in the fees you have to pay. 

2. Coppin State University

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Unlike their name, Coppin State University is not coping.

A majority of their students fail standardized tests, and the graduation rate from this college is at an alarming 26%

In addition to their educational lapses, the university suffered a lot of safety issues in 2019, totaling 102 incidents throughout the school year.

3. California State University

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Located in Los Angeles, California State University is one of the worst colleges to attend in America.

This time, it’s not because of academic prowess but the College’s clamp-down on free speech and C+ campus activities as ranked by Niche.

In 2016, they made the news when they canceled a speaking engagement featuring Ben Shapiro and requested a panel of opposing speakers.

4. Edward Waters College

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Edward Waters College is full of lousy college issues.

Only 25% of students graduate from this college, and they cart away $26,740 in student debt.

For those who luckily graduate, most make a median of $22,400 six years after graduation, meaning several students may not pay off their debt quickly.

5. Salem University

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While it has an open admission policy that permits the enrollment of every student regardless of their educational background, Salem University doesn’t embrace anyone with open arms.

Her exorbitant $13,390 tuition fee and sky-high dropout rate will have anyone change their minds in an instant.

Additionally, Salem University students have also complained about the campus food, as well as the unprovokedly rude attitude of the college advisors.

6. Lindsey Wilson College

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Lindsey Wilson College is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Yet, their tuition fees and other expenses are higher than secular schools.

Regardless of your residence, the annual price of a student at the university is $27,274, with a graduation rate of 44%, and it doesn’t end there.

Despite the college’s fees, many students complain about the poor living conditions and the awful food.

7. Black Hills State University

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With a population of over 12,000 students, Black Hills State University ranks poorly on the scale.

The total cost of attending this school to earn a bachelor’s is over $80,000, and her students amass an average loan debt of $26,000. 

It doesn’t help that the minimum annual income her graduates can earn a decade after enrolling is $38,800 — a pittance, considering the cost of tuition.

8. Robert Morris College

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Despite an annual cost of $33,767, Robert Morris College students still accrue a massive debt of $26,000.

Her graduation rate is 46%, an evident statement of her progress or lack thereof. 

Also, the college appears to be stuck in the past as it identifies as a historically black college. As such, the diversity across the campus is close to non-existent.

9. Texas College

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While Texas has a lot of things going for it, Texas College isn’t one. The school’s shocking 12% graduation rate is the bottom of the barrel.

The average salary for graduates of this school is $38,300. Combining that with its loan debt of $26,000, it shows why you shouldn’t give this school a second glance.

10. University of Alaska Anchorage 

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Standing at 65%, the University of Alaska Anchorage has one of the highest acceptance rates in the country; however, the 30% graduation rate is far too poor.

As if that wasn’t enough, the university is costly.

The fees have made some students stop pursuing their lifelong educational goals, adding to the fact that Alaska’s weather is a force students will reckon with.

11. LeMoyne-Owen College

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The data for LeMoyne-Owen College are all over the place — and it’s not a good place.

The average graduate earns less than $30,000 six years after graduation, and as if that wasn’t enough, graduates get stuck in an average of $28,070 of loan debt

If the statistics are anything to go by, it is evident that you should stay far away from this school.

11. DeVry University

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DeVry University is easily one of the worst colleges in America.

Only 42% of the students who enroll eventually graduate with an average student debt of $48,215, which is really nothing to write home about. 

Recently, the college was under fire for the false promises they made to students about possibly getting a job immediately after graduation. 

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