22 Silly Pet Names Too Funny Not To Share

Are you tired of hearing the same old names like “Charlie,” “Max,” and “Lucky?” You’ve heard all the boring pet names and want to try something new and original.

Silly Pet Names

laughing pet

Unfortunately, some people take pet naming too far and come up with the silliest pet names you could ever imagine!

There is usually a story behind the name, and why owners chose it, which might sound great to them, but to everyone else, it sounds cat-astrophic.

Redditors shared some of the worst pet names they’ve ever heard, ranging from the wild and wacky to the just plain strange.

1. Hitler

black and white cat

One user knew a stray cat whom everyone called Hitler. He was all white and had a dash of black where a mustache would go. Apparently, he would answer to that name.

2. S-XY


“S-xy for a chihuahua. Just made the whole (veterinary) consultation very awkward,” one vet said.

3. Naming the Dogs By Color

giving dog a treat

For one user, every black dog they met on the Marshall Islands was called “lakilimej,” meaning Black Boy, every white dog they met was called “lamoujouj,” meaning White Boy; the brown dogs were called “laburaun,” meaning Brown Boy and the black and white dogs were called “Oreo.”

4. Meat Stack

puppy baby

One user commented how their six-year-old son wanted to name the dog “Meat Stack.” Not the best picker of names, the child also wanted to name his newborn brother “Turtle Flower.”

5. Face

dog playing

The user recounted her old neighbor’s pet called “Face.” What was the inspiration behind this name? Because it had a beautiful face, of course!

6. Salad

dog eating carrot

One user’s brother named their pet “Salad.” No further explanation is required.

7. Clitsy

dog running

One user mentioned the worse name they had ever heard for a pet is “Clitsy.”

Another user mentioned that the last name of one of their mother’s employees was “Klitsy,” so maybe not as uncommon as you think!

8. Kevin

happy labrador

One user commented: “I was once at the dog park, and this lady kept yelling at her dog. ‘Kevin! Get over here, Kevin! Let me take your picture, Kevin!’ ‘Kevin!’ Kevin was an old, overweight black lab. I still laugh when I think about it.”

9. Cat Called D.O.G. and Dog Called C.A.T

dog and cat

One user, whose mom owned a veterinary practice, commented that they knew pet parents who had a cat called D.O.G and a dog called C.A.T.

10. Pancake Because He Was So Malnourished

malnourished dog

A rescued golden retriever who was so malnourished earned himself the nickname Pancake and had a tragic end. The local animal control managed to rescue him, but sadly his kidneys were too damaged, and he passed away two days later. It was especially heartbreaking since, with proper care, he could have been saved instead of being left chained up in the yard when the owners had left.

11. Clock

pet fish

When one user was four years old, she named her fish “Clock” because she so happened to be looking at the clock when her mother asked what to name him.

12. Hungry Jack Biscuit

winking dog

One vet’s poor client allowed her three children to name the pet, and they came up with the spectacular name “Hungry Jack Biscuit.”

13. Dump Truck

happy dog

Again, another fascinating name invented by a young child.

14. Tikka

child with chicken

One person was in a waiting room in the veterinary clinic when someone brought in a chicken that happened to be called “Tikka.”

“Like chicken tikka,” the user commented.

15. Lord Whimsalot III

evil cat

The user met a cat called Lord Whimsalot III, the successor of the owner’s cat Lord Whimsalot.

16. Horatio Bradshaw Roadwork

cat meowing

One user’s ex-girlfriend was a veterinary nurse. She came across a cat in the system called Horatio Bradshaw Roadwork.

17. Taquito

dog breathing quickly

One user’s roommate had a dog called “Taquito,” who had to be brought to the emergency vet one night because he had difficulty breathing.

The veterinary assistant later came out to the waiting room and approached the Latino-looking couple, and said, “Taquito?” They looked confused and offended as the vet continued to repeat the name.

The roommate eventually plucked up the courage to say that Taquito was their dog.

“No one looked at each other for the remaining time they were there,” the user commented.

18. Askim

dog ready too walk

One dad named his dog “Askim,” so when people asked for the dog’s name, he could say “Askim.”

“Aşkim (ashkim) is also a word of endearment, basically meaning my love in Turkish too, so your dad unintentionally went bilingual also,” one person replied.

19. Pug


One user waited too long to name their pug, so they just called him “The Pug.” They feel a little embarrassed going to the vet and saying their dog’s name is just “The Pug.”

20. Kitty


One user met an iguana called “Kitty” at the veterinary clinic.

21. Boobie


One user had a pet cat called “Boobie” as a child. Cute or embarrassing?! We think the latter.

22. Who Has The More Human Name?

cute puppy and child

“I was in the vet’s waiting room, and there was a puppy with a woman and a child,” one person wrote. “The puppy was named Dave, and the child was Atari.”

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